Saturday, November 5, 2016

Weekend Stuff

Happy Saturday Friends- Just wanted to drop by and share how our weekend's been going thus far.

* Friday was the kids last day until this coming Wednesday. They are all welcoming the break. Axle had a Spelling test on Friday and got a 100% on it. He also got to spend his School Bucks he's earned for good behavior, homework, etc. I think it's safe to say he had a good day.

* I had to take a $200.00 deposit to the school Friday for Anika's Senior Trip. Her SR. class is going to Florida for a week. How cool is that? She also bummed an extra $15.00 off of me while I was there for FCCLA dues. School is so expensive!

* Annalee didn't have school Friday. She still only goes 4 days a week. Trust me, she didn't mind hanging out with mommy all day :)

* Hubby hung out with his buddies Friday and Friday night. I saw very little of him. It's good for him to get out and away every once in awhile though. We all need that.

* Friday night we had Youth Group. I got a new curriculum that they are wanting me to use. I was very nervous about it but I think it went well. It was called Thank Full and was a lesson on "running out of gas" The kids seemed to enjoy it. This was the first time I let them read aloud from the bible and I think it's something I'll continue to do. I was shocked at how many wanted to participate. We also made a pumpkin craft to go along with Fall/Thanksgiving. It was a foam craft and they did a cute job. Have I mentioned how much I love our Youth Group?

* I took advantage of our Saturday morning and SLEPT in. It was so nice. I didn't actually climb out of bed till almost 11:00. I didn't actually sleep that long but I did just lay there and watch CNN. Got to keep up with this Presidential Debate.

* Hubby spent the biggest portion of his day at his buddy's ginning around. He's been projecting of there. He isn't able to do a lot but he can't sit still so he's been finding little piddly things to occupy his time.

* I did run the next town over today and pick up a desktop. My cousin had one for sale for an unbeatable price so I couldn't pass it up. I haven't hooked it up yet but can't wait.

* I'm so in the Christmas spirit. I'm ready to hang lights and the whole 9 yards but I'm trying to wait.

* I did watch this awesome Christmas Movie tonight. It was so good. I'm totally digging Christmas Movies this year!

* I did a little planning today. We have a LOT of things coming up to prepare for. If it weren't for lists I'd be nuts!!!

* Hubby has been asleep for hours and all the kids are watching television. I think I'll do some laundry and some paperwork before I hit the hay.

Tomorrow we have Church and a Business Meeting afterwards. Not sure what else the day will hold. I hope all of you have a great Sunday.

Much Love,

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