Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Final Days

Well October is gone, farewell to another month. It's so unreal that we will be entering a whole new year in just a short time. The days seem so long but the years so short. I truly wish life had a pause button sometimes.

Since tonight is the last night of October, I figured I might as well do a post and wrap it all up. Overall it's been a great month. Here's how our little family spent the last part of October.

* We sold our boat. We didn't really want to but we had to. Financially the Hubby's injury has been hard on us. Hopefully we will get lined out by next summer and be able to purchase another one.

* Anika has a new guy. I won't say they are technically an item but they have been on two dates now. Once was to the Haunted House and to Mexican to eat and the other was out to Chinese for dinner. The jury is still out on what I think about him.

* We spent an evening at my best friend's house celebrating her son's 18th Birthday. There was good grilled food and a bonfire!

* Our Church had Homecoming. Talk about a blessing, it was an amazing service followed by amazing food. Perfect Sunday!

* I got MOST of my seasonal clothes changed out in my closet. Sweaters are now hanging and Tank Tops are put away. The season says it's Fall but it's still feeling more like Summer!

* Axle's friend Ally had a Birthday Party at a Bounce Place. The kids had an absolute blast!!!

* Hubby has been burning brush like a wild man. Now he's on a painting kick. His passions vary from day to day.

* Hubby is still doing Physical Therapy. He was supposed to go back to the Neuro last week but they had to reschedule so he will be going back this Wednesday. He's not making much improvement if any so I'm betting surgery is in his very near future!

* I hit up Goodwill and another thrift store one day & found some goodies. I'm a thrifting addict

* Anika dyed her hair back all dark (no funky colors) and got it cut. It looks beautiful on her!

* I subbed in Preschool one day for a lady who was out sick. It was a great day. I love working with the little babies!

* Headaches and Naps have been common lately. I blame it on allergies and lack of sleep

* One of Anika's friends lost his mother. We went to the Funeral Home one night and attended the Funeral the next day. It was devastating to see such a young boy in so much pain. Him and his Mother had not been on good terms and he had just moved out. He was so full of anger and guilt. If you find time, whisper a prayer for him.

* Hubby had a guys day out with his buddy Brandon one day. It was good for him to get out of the house.

* Annalee's class did a Pumpkin Tasting party. I sent in Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Snack Cakes and Pumpkin Donuts. I think it's just such a cute idea!

* Ax got his report card and did so awesome. He also got an A on his Math and Spelling test. He's Mommy's smart boy.

* I worked a day in the Kindergarten class as a sub. Kindergarten is definitely much different than preschool in terms of structure. I loved it. The only downfall was lunch duty!

* Our Church attended the Judgement House (it's a walk thru drama that is absolutely amazing). One of our teens went forward and accepted Christ. Afterwards we ate at Pizza Hut. Such a wonderful night.

* I overslept for school one morning. The kids got there but very late. I didn't give myself to much grief over it though as I was out late the night before with the Church and we have done so well not oversleeping.

* Annalee's class took a field trip to our local DCBS Office. They did a Trick or Treat thing there. It was cute and the kids really enjoyed it.

* I spent 1/2 a day at our main Headstart Office. We went into classrooms and done Self Assessments which is merely a walk thru looking for safety issues as well as making sure all rules and regulations are being met. It's always interesting to see how different each teacher and each classroom is.

* Hubby and Axle went to the Race Track with Brandon one night to watch Brandon practice run his Go-Kart. They had a great time.

* Axle's class did some Pumpkin Seed Counting. Each student guessed the number prior to counting the seeds. Axle guessed 29 seeds, he was way off.

* We finally got Anika's Senior Settings done. I cannot wait to get them back. She looked beautiful as always. Some were done in an open field while others were done at an old barn. Don't worry I will be sharing ASAP!

* We took the kids to Camden Park on a Saturday night for their Spooktacular Event. It's perfect for kids Axle and Lee's age because it isn't very scary. They love riding rides though so they were very happy kids all night.

* I got Baptized Sunday morning in the creek. There was 3 other Baptisms the same day. It was a glorious feeling getting raised out of that water! My dad helped baptize me which made it so special. God is so good.

* We celebrated my baptism with family and friends by going to dinner at a small food place called Cloud 9. I was just so overwhelmed with joy at all the people who came to be by my side during such a joyous occasion in my life.

* Me and the kids had a Pumpkin Carving Party at Mom and Dad's. It's our 2nd year of doing it and it's always so much fun. We carved pumpkins, ate cupcakes and then built a fire and roasted hot dogs. We all had a blast.

* Mom and Dad attended my cousin Jessie's Halloween Party. Unfortunately we didn't get to go because we were at Camden Park but I still wanted to share the photos with you!

* Anika dressed up as Wednesday Adams for School today. She looked AWESOME!!!!

* Annalee had her Halloween Party at school. It consisted of Popcorn, Cupcakes, Strawberry Floats and TONS of candy!

* Axle's Halloween Party happened too. His class was bombarded with goodies and this mom bought every kids a really cool whistle. The kids loved me. The teacher and parent's not so much!!!!

* We went Trick or Treating. I'm terrible at taking pictures on Halloween Night. I have no clue why but I am. Here's a few though.

* Mom and Dad bought me a beautiful study bible as a gift for my baptism. I cannot wait to dive into it. That will be part of my November routine!!!!

That pretty much sums up our ending to October. I'm hoping November brings as many blessings to our family and to yours

Much Love

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  1. Oh, my dear! How wonderful to catch up with your and your family. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's imjury. And I was thrilled to hear about your salvation experience and now baptism! Love and prayers for you and yours from Texas!