Wednesday, November 9, 2016

From Monday to Trump Day


* The kids and I went to Church. Hubby didn't go, he went to Bobby's house and tinkered around. Church was wonderful as always. After the service we got to see another good old fashioned creek baptism (my favorite) and then we had a business meeting where the "vision" of our church was discussed.

* I received a beautiful necklace from my Aunt as a baptism gift. It says "You are my Sunshine" which is mine and my Granny's thing. Since Granny's passing, it's meant even more to me so to say I LOVE this necklace is an understatement.

* We had Porkchops for dinner and I done some light housework. I've not been in housecleaning spirits lately. Not a good thing!

* Hubby hung out in the garage Sunday night tinkering around while I watched "political junk" on television.

* We all laid down pretty early BUT sleeping didn't happen for me. Instead I watched two new Christmas movies. Yes, I know I'm addicted. Both were great by  the way!

Christmas Incorporated

Married by Christmas


* The kids didn't have school so we got to sleep in. Lovely!

* Hubby and Ax brought us breakfast & then went to Bobby's to tinker. I reckon Ax played on all the Heavy Equipment over there. Not running of course!

* I lounged around a few hours and then met up with Rebekah at the park. Ax decided to go with me, he couldn't pass up the park. Not even for Heavy Equipment. The kids had a blast.

* We got ice cream because the weather was beautiful. I love banana splits!

* I spent my Monday night at an event called "Heaven's Gate's and Hell's Flames" It was an amazing drama presentation put on by a traveling ministry. My friend Christy's Mom went to the alter. It was such a blessing to witness.

* I finished out my night snuggling and watching 1/2 a movie. Unfortunately we fell asleep and didn't get to finish it.


* The kids were off for Election Day. Axle spent his day hanging out with his daddy while the girls hung out with me.

* I hit up the polls early that morning and luckily didn't have to wait too long!

* We spent the biggest part of our day at Church with a few of the ladies. We put up our Angel Tree and it looked so pretty

* We had lunch with my Mom and a friend of our's at Subway. It was fun girls time out

* Hubby and I attended the "Heaven's Gate and Hell's Flames" event that night. Sis watched Axle for us while Mom watched Lee. Although I'd saw it the night before, I was more than happy to go again. Not only did I get my Hubby to go, my best friend and my Uncle went also. One of my good friend's went to the alter and gave her life to the Lord! It was such a blessing to witness!!!

* It was late when we got home so Hubby and the Kids went to bed. Sis and I stayed awake as long as possible watching the election but we just couldn't make it. I ended up falling asleep in her room with her!

That wraps up our last few days! As you can tell, lots going on around here. Today has been a much lazier day and I'm enjoying it thoroughly! I'll leave you today with a couple random photos I wanted to share!!!!



  1. It's always good to 'catch up' with you!

  2. I just saw Christmas Incorporated today. It's a great movie. I am watching so many Christmas movies it's ridiculous. I want to put up my tree, drink hot chocolate and watch it snow!

    I'm so very happy to hear of all the people making commitments to Christ. That is so wonderful.

    Have a nice night, Angie!