Thursday, November 3, 2016

Calm Before the Storm

Literally, I feel like this is the Calm before the Storm! The last few days have been so slow paced that it isn't funny. I'm waiting on it all to come crashing down though and I know it will happen. Probably sooner than later.

I haven't even taken a single picture since Monday. Isn't that insane? Probably not for everyone but for someone like me who takes photos daily, it's insane!

Even though I don't have a lot to tell, I thought I'd do a little update so I don't get so far behind. I'm apologizing in advance that this post will probably bore you to death. I promise to have something more exciting soon or at least I hope.

Here's a little of what's racing through my mind this rainy Thursday night:

* I cannot wait till this election is over. I'm almost certain most everyone would agree with me on this. This has been the longest most dramatic election I ever recall. It's kind of like watching a circus full of monkey's daily!

* We have had an off week school wise. The kids were a little late on Tuesday and we totally overslept on Wednesday so they all three ended up staying home. This is not normal for us these days. We have been doing great this year!

* SJ finished up his Physical Therapy on Tuesday and went back to the Neurosurgeon on Wednesday. He is making very little progress as far as movement and strength goes. The Neurosurgeon has decided Therapy is not helping so he is sending him for injections to see if that will help.

* I hit up our Thrift Store the other day. It's located right beside my house so I visit often. I didn't find a lot but did grab some Christmas dish towels for a quarter each and a new pink sweater that still had the tags on it.

* I had to go see my Doctor this week and get my medicine refilled

* I've had a tough few days emotionally. SJ and I haven't been jiving real well. I swear I think it's just the devil trying to hit me hard.

* We got breakfast at Dairy Queen the other morning. I have a new love for biscuits and gravy. I used to hate them. Isn't it funny how your tastes change with age?

* I'm working on an online auction. I plan on donating the proceeds to a class at the kids school for Christmas gifts. I'm hoping it does well. I've got tons of things donated for it so far so I'm pretty excited to see how it all works out.

* I watched my first Christmas Movie this week. It was really good too. Christmas movies are just good for my soul. It was called "Lucky Christmas'. If you haven't watched it, you should check it out!

* This morning I woke to a big breakfast! Hubby fixed the kids and I some yummy Eggs, Bacon and Fried Potatoes. It was pretty sweet of him!

* Hubby has been working on a project in his garage for a few days now. I'll show you the final result soon!

* I ran a ton of errands today and got quite a bit accomplished. I even took care of a debt today that I've been trying to get lined out forever. It was quite nice to mark it off my list!

* We had take out from the Pizza Place for dinner tonight. I was too lazy to cook

* Sis is spending the night with my Mom tonight and tomorrow night. Dad is out of town so they are having some girl time.

* We had this cute stray dog wander in and I was going to keep it. Unfortunately it killed two of my chickens so I had to send it to the animal shelter :(

* Tomorrow night we have Youth Group and I'm a tad bit nervous about it. Normally I just do my own lesson plans but our new pastor insists we follow a curriculum. It will be my first time using it so I hope it goes well.

* My new bible Mom and Dad got me has a 30 day Guide for new believers. I've been reading it and so far I'm really enjoying it. I am in LOVE with this Bible. It's so easy to understand and has tons of side notes on how biblical information relates to our lives today.

* November weather has been much like summer so far. It's coming to a halt tomorrow though! It's supposed to drop back down in the 50's and 60's. 

* I've set the date for my friend Rebekah's Baby Shower. I still have a lot of planning to do though and not long at all to plan. I'm doing a "You are my Sunshine" theme. I hope it's cute!

* I got asked to work a Bucket Brigade tomorrow for our local animal shelter so if I'm not working as a sub at the school, I'll be volunteering there tomorrow.

* Today was Annalee's last day of school until Wednesday and tomorrow will be Axle's and Anika's. Monday is a Professional Development Day for our school and Tuesday is Election Day. It's a nice break for them.

* Our Church normally buys EVERY kid a Christmas gift each year but this year we are doing it a little different. We are putting up an angel tree and each child in the church will have an angel. Our church members will pick angels and buy for them. Any angels left, the church will buy for them. I think it's going to work out so much better!

* My house is so quiet tonight, everyone is already sleeping. I think I'll lay down and watch some television!

Pretty much that sums up November so far. I'm sure things will be busy again around here before you know it. Until then though, I'm going to soak up the downtime while it lasts. I'll update again soon.

Hope everyone is doing well and having a great start to November.

Much Love,

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  1. This was like a cozy chat! Christmas movies? I never thought about that! At least not yet!