Sunday, October 2, 2016

Summing up September

Yes, I'm still alive. I cannot believe I've been away from my blog for the entire month. I truly thought about writing several times but every time I did something came up. It's been so long now that catching up would be merely impossible. I'm hoping that this month I can blog at least once a week. I'd love to go back to my normal everyday blogging but it just isn't going to happen so I decided I'd do an update at least once a week to keep up with my memories and to keep you all in the loop.

For now though, I'm going to do a brief monthly recap. Okay maybe not real brief since I'm recapping an entire month but as brief as I can, I promise!

So without further ado, here is our September Summary

* I had lunch out with my friend Rebekah. We had Dairy Cheer and sat in the gazebo to eat. It was fun.

* My boy got his 1st reading book and I couldn't be more proud. He is doing outstanding this year!!!

* I indulged in a late night banana split that was out of this world good.

* Axle was sick at the beginning of the month but thankfully it didn't last long. Of course Annalee got it shortly after but her's passed pretty quickly too.

* Hubby and I had dinner at Reno's one night as a Date Night. We love that steakhouse but it was the WORST service ever. It was so bad that Hubby never even got his food. I should've refused to pay but I didn't. I did however let the manager know how dissatisfied I was.

* Anika went to a Football Game with her friends and of course she had a blast!!!

* I got a new laptop and I'm loving it- Thanks Hubby!

* Anika drove Hubby's truck through the garage door. I'm not meaning she hit the garage door, I'm meaning she drove completely through it. Thankfully she didn't get hurt but unfortunately I can't say that for the door.

* The kids were out of school one day due to water issues. I swear our water here is pathetic. It's sad that the State hasn't came in and done anything yet.

* I got all of Anika's Senior Items purchased. She went all out and got Senior Clothes, Books, Graduation Cards, Etc. She dented my purse about $350.00. Thankfully she only graduates once.

* I got a ticket in the next county over for dead tags. It was totally an oversight on my part but I'll be paying the price now.

* They already scheduled the Kindergarten Trip to the Zoo this coming Spring. We had a meeting about it earlier this month and have already started our first fundraiser. 

* Hubby and I went up and visited with our neighbors Trish and Gary for awhile. We hadn't been up there in years. We definitely need to go more often.

* Anika ended up with Strep again this's never ending with her.

* Ax had his picture day at school and he looked so cute. I can't wait to get them ordered and get one hung. Here's a quick snap I took of him before school. He's looking like a little man these days.

* Hubby got a notice from his job (although he's still off hurt) letting him know they are closing his mine site come December. That means even when he gets well, he has NO JOB to go to :(

* Hubby had an appointment with another doctor and he's back in Physical Therapy for three more weeks.

* Anika went to a friend's party. I was hoping she had a good time but she didn't. She's just not the party type.

* Hubby and Anika had a daddy/daughter date out to eat. I'm sure she enjoyed it. They get very little one on one time these days. He even took her and let her buy new makeup

* Rebekah and her kids have been staying with us pretty much all month. She is having some marital issues so she is staying here until she can get an apartment.

* I took my little two to the "Septemberfest" Parade the next town over. They got a ton of candy and had a blast. They even got to see Batman!!!

* Napping has became my favorite past time lately. I kinda love it.

* My Uncle Phillip finally retired and we celebrated with a huge Retirement/Birthday Party at his house! It was a bunch of fun and the food was amazing.

* I finally made myself a Dump Cake. I had been wanting one forever. I think I'm wanting another one now. Oh so good!

* I went to Ladies Auxillary. It's always such a great time.

* SJ had to have an MRI of his lower back done. He now has to see a neurosurgeon for that too. I swear he's falling apart.

* SJ and I had lunch at the Texas Roadhouse, my favorite place. I had Boneless Wings, Shrimp and a tasty Jamaican Cowboy :)

* I hit up Goodwill a few towns over. I didn't find a lot but had a blast looking.

* Anika's school hosted a Financial Aid Informational Meeting that I attended. It was actually more informative than I expected it to be.

* We had our 1st Parent Meeting for Headstart. I was elected as Secretary again this year.

* Anika was actually in a beauty pageant. This is the first she's done in probably 10 year or so. She didn't win but I was so proud of her. She looked amazing as always too.

* My friend Christie and her Husband stopped by for awhile. I swear her and I never see one another anymore and I miss her like crazy!

* Our Youth Group decorated a float and participated in our town's Harvest Festival. They had so much fun!

* We lost a very special best friend to a heart attack. It was a rough time for us all.


* Hubby and I had lunch at what is our new favorite little Country Diner!

* My Mom's Sister found out she has Stage 4 Liver Schirrosis. Prayers for her please as she goes through this horrible ordeal.

* Our kids had a blast at our County Hay Maze and Slide Park!

* I've battled several headaches this month. No fun at all :(

* We have fired up the grill a few times. Nothing like good grilled food!

* We have been pretty active in Church and Youth group this month. Proud of ourselves!

* Hubby and I had a breakfast date one morning while the kids were in school. Such a nice morning.

* Anika had Homecoming Week at school. She dressed up in her 90's gear one day and her College attire another!

* I had a Policy Coucil Meeting for Headstart at the Mexican Restaurant and it was pretty intense. Our county got in quite a bit of trouble over an incident that happened within the program.

* We feasted on Potato Soup one evening. We love Potato Soup!

* Hubby has been to his Buddy Bobby's Cemetery several times since his passing just cleaning up around it.

* I spent an entire day doing Headstart Interviews. The joys of being on the Personnel Committee I suppose. It was pretty boring.

* Axle rode the school bus for the 1st time and has rode it everyday since. My baby isn't a baby anymore.

* My Mom took Anika shopping for a Homecoming dress at the Mall and they were gone ALL day. They made it a girls day out

* I had a few bad days towards the end of the month due to impending PMS. It sucks!!!!

* Annalee and I spent a Friday pretty much sleeping all day. She was sick and I was in a horrible mood.

* Anika announced Homecoming Court at our Football Game and did an amazing job. I was so proud of her!

* Our church hosted a "Free Love Lunch" at our local community center. We fed over 100 people. It was a great day!

* Anika had a Homecoming Dance at her school. She looked amazing!

* Mom took my Little Kids to our cousin Chase's Birthday party. Unfortunately I didn't get to go due to it being the same day as the Homecoming Dance!

* Our Church had Old Fashioned Day which was a blast. Great food and fellowship!

* My cousin Jessie had a Gender Reveal Party. We are adding a new baby boy to our family :)

* Ax got an alone night with Nana and Pa. He loves spending the night up there!

* Anika and Lee both got Vaccinations this month. Anika got two and Lee got four! Lee was such a trooper, she barely cried.

* I finally got my bedroom and desk cleaned...go me!!!!

* Anika had to get an X-ray of her foot. It's really been bothering her. They are supposed to be sending her to an Orthopedic Surgeon soon.

* I actually subbed 2 days in September for the Headstart. Unfortunately those 2 days probably were my last. Things went on in the classroom that were not appropriate and I reported them. Oh well, I can sleep at night at least.

* I've watched some Criminal Minds and Law & Order. I love those kinda shows!

* Anika's School had a Community Parade to celebrate getting Distinguished on their State Testing. I didn't go but Mom did and took pictures for me.

* Ax and Lee had Heritage Day at their school. They both looked so cute and enjoyed the activities


* Ax is having a blast at school this year. Here's a few photos

Green Day

Grandparent's Day

Orange Day

Purple Day

A on his Math Test

* Anika done a little Powder Puff this year and broke a nail. She's such a girl.

Pretty much, September was a pretty great month with the exception of losing our beloved Bobby. The temps are cooling down and it's beginning to feel like Fall so I'm excited to see what October has in store for us.

I'm really going to give posting once a week a go. It would be much easier than trying to compile everything at the end of the month. Wish Me Luck!!!

Much love to you all and hope everyone is doing well,


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  1. I am SO GLAD to see a post from you. I miss you when I don't hear from you. What a month you have had! It was really jam-packed with great things going on. I loved seeing all of the pictures and hearing about what you've been up to. Hope October is just a good for you.