Friday, October 7, 2016

October's Beginning

As promised, I'm doing my weekly post tonight! I refuse to get as behind as I was last month. Our October has started out fantastic. I hope the whole month is as enjoyable as this first week has been.

The first day of October we attended a Trail to Gogaltha Walk. It was an absolutely exceptional experience. Anika and I attended but left the little one's home with the Hubby. It was a long walk but amazing. All throughout the trail there was different scenes leading up to when Jesus was crucified on the cross. Afterwards many were saved and went forth for prayer. It was a true honor to be part of something so awesome!

After that amazing walk we rested the remainder of our evening and feasted on some yummy Chili and Cornbread!

On Sunday we all went to Church, even my husband. It was such a blessing because we didn't even ask him to go, he just offered. After church we went to the park for a picnic with some of his buddies from work and their families. We had a yummy picnic lunch and the kids played. Unfortunately we got rained out but it was fun while it lasted! I forgot my camera at home so I got no photos :(

Sunday evening I delivered a truck load of mums that we had sold to help fundraise for Axle's class and then I visited with my Mom and Dad for a bit.

Monday Hubby went to Physical Therapy, I finished up some paper work that the Board's Office needed so I could get paid for subbing those two days and we just basically ginned around the house.

Monday evening Hubby kept the kids while Sis and I traveled about an hour away for a Speech Competition she entered. She didn't win but she did amazing and I was so proud of her. She also got $50.00 just for attending. It was an "Outstanding Youth Competition" that featured Speeches, Interviews and Talent. It was actually a fun night!

Tuesday SJ went to Physical Therapy and the kids and I gathered all our camping gear up. We camped Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night! The kids had an ABSOLUTE blast. It was a bit cool at night but we all survived. It was so peaceful and just nice to escape reality for a few days.

Today we loaded up our camping gear and headed home. Things are still piled up and need unpacked but it's not going to happen tonight. I got a few errands ran that had to be and then the kids and I went to Youth Group. Tonight's Youth Group meeting was at "The God's Promise Trail" and it was so fun but so exhausting. It's a LONG walk to the top of the hill but the kids all really enjoyed it. We had PB&J, Chips and Juice for them at the top. It was definitely a fun filled evening.

After such a long exhausting walk, we treated ourselves to ice cream. I opted for a Caramel Sundae since it's Fall and all. I'm totally worn out tonight and will be hitting the hay shortly. It's been an amazing start to October and I hope yours has too.



  1. It really was an amazing start to the month. Seeing that Walk to Golgotha brought tears to my eyes. So touching even just in pictures. I can't imagine it in person. It must have been awesome. So, so happy for the souls saved.

    Glad you had a chance to get away for a few days. That's always relaxing.

    Hope the PT is helping your hubby.

  2. Looks like you had a very busy but fun week. The Walk to Golgatha looks very interesting and moving.