Saturday, October 22, 2016

My New Beginning Happened in October!

I'm back with my weekly post! This has been another week of busy. October is just flying by, don't you all think? I can't believe we are right up on Thanksgiving and Christmas already.

Here's how this week went down

On Saturday SJ went over to Bobby's to project around a bit. While he was gone, the kids and I went to Walmart. I got the kids Halloween Costumes and picked up some pumpkins for my Mommy. The kids have drove me crazy already wanting to wear their costumes. I usually wait till last minute to get them and think I'll go back to that idea next year. Anika got her nails done while we were there! She had spiders put on them this time and they were so cute. On our way home we picked up Hubby. I ended up taking a short nap because Walmart wears me out and then I worked on some laundry. Hubby and the kids spent the majority of their day/evening outside. Anika wanted to spend the night with Mom so I ran her up there and dropped off the pumpkins. I ended up staying and visiting a bit. It was definitely a laid back Saturday.

On Sunday I went to Church. Anika was there with my Mom but Hubby and the little one's stayed at home. It was an AMAZING service. We had a visiting preacher and you could feel the Lord's presence! I did what I knew I needed to do for a long time and stepped to the alter asking for forgiveness. It's been the best decision of my life! After church we went to Teaberries for dinner with my parent's for a celebration. SJ and the little one's joined us. Definitely a perfect family day. Sunday evening we spent time looking for our dog Copper. He went missing and still hasn't returned. My Husband is heartbroken as Copper was his best friend. We also went to the cemetary to decorate my Granny's Grave. It was her birthday and we always decorate on her birthday. Usually her birthday is a sad occasion but I just couldn't be sad because I know in Heaven she was rejoicing for my Salvation!

At the Cemetary

Me & My Cousin after Church

Monday was Annalee's class trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Of course Axle got to go with us. Her class went to a much smaller Pumpkin Patch than his did. It's only about 30 minutes from our house and it was still really nice. The kids all definitely had a good time. We ended up hauling all the pumpkin back to school that the kids picked and sorted them by classrooms. It was a tedious job but we got it done!

After the field trip, SJ had Physical Therapy so I dropped him off and the kids and I looked for Copper. Unfortunately we had no luck.  

That evening I attended a Youth Meeting at Church with all Youth Leaders, Sunday School Teachers, etc. Hubs kept the kids at home and got them bathed & in bed for school. Our meeting was almost 3 hours long but was very productive. We discussed upcoming events for the remainder of October & into November and December. We discussed a few issues within our programs as well as a new idea we are starting called Adopt a Granny. We also decided to schedule meetings every three months just to sit down, brainstorm, review, etc. I think it will be crucial to keeping our groups running smoothly.

On Tuesday the kids school kicked off Red Ribbon Week (Drug Awareness Week). Day 1 was Crazy Hair Day and both Annalee and Axle were stoked for it! They looked so cute!

SJ went to Physical Therapy Tuesday and I had a Policy Meeting in the next town over. I left him the truck and carpooled with my friend Rebekah! It was a LONG boring meeting as it was the first one of the year. Pretty much it was an Introductory Meeting however I served on the Policy last year so it was all information I knew.

Tuesday evening was pretty uneventful. The kids came home from school and enjoyed the beautiful weather outdoors till bedtime. Anika brought home a note informing me of a "gun issue" at school. It's a scary world we live in folks. Annalee had a great day at school painting her pumpkin she picked at the pumpkin patch. Other than that it was just housework, homework, dinner and other normal daily routine stuff!

My Wednesday was crazy busy. The kids had Superhero Day at school and looked so adorable as they headed out the door! Ax wore his Superhero t-shirt and Lee Lee dressed up as Cat Woman!

I had a 9:00 Headstart Parent Meeting that I attended. Again, not much was discussed other than normal monthly items. There was a discussion about us helping with Brother's of the Wheel with Christmas Collections this year. I of course signed up to help.  After the meeting, I went straight to another meeting in town. This was our county Policy Meeting. It went as normal, nothing new really to report. I left that meeting and headed to my 3rd and Final Meeting of the day. It was a meeting with Annalee's Speech Therapist. Annalee is still having major issues with stuttering so they have increased her speech therapy from 2 times a week to 4. I'm hoping this makes a big difference.

After all those meetings, Annalee and I came home & worked in a short nap. Hubby did a little project at his friend Bobby's all day and didn't get home until late that night. That meant it was pretty much just the Kids and I all evening. We just hung out after they got out of school, fixed some supper, did homework, etc. Anika was all excited to find out that she made the newspaper this week plus she got a great report card! Ax was thrilled to tell me that he got an A on his Math test. It was a nice evening with the kids. I ended my night by watching the Debate! 

Thursday was Nerd Day at school and the kids had a blast with it! I think it was their funnest day of the week.

After the kids went to school, Hubby and I had a lazy morning watching Lifetime Movies. We picked Lee up from school around 12:30 and then went to Walmart and had lunch at Arby's. It was a rainy evening so we stayed in and I got a little housework done. I really wasn't feeling well so it was a pretty welcomed low key evening. Mom and her Sister's spent their day at Natural Bridge celebrating my Aunt's Birthday so I wanted to share a few photos of them.

Friday morning we woke to a huge drop in temperatures! It was cold out and it was raining off and on. Ax had Red Day to finish off Red Ribbon Week so I dressed him in a Red Outfit. Lee doesn't go to school on Friday's so she didn't get to participate. I had to take care of Axle's zoo payment when I dropped him off and then Hubby had to go to Physical Therapy. Lee and I dropped him off and we done some major grocery shopping. Afterwards we picked him up and brought the grub home. Hubby wanted to get a hanging basket for his friend Bobby's grave so we went back to town looking for one. He ended up finding a hanging basket and matching grave blanket so we purchased both of them and then went and decorated his grave. 

That evening the kids and I rode the Church Bus to Church. I have started helping our Church Bus Driver do his runs. It's just easier if he has an extra set of eyes on the kids while he's driving. My kids love riding the bus too! Our Church had a Fall Festival that evening for the kids and it was an absolute blast. We had game stations set up for them complete with prizes, hair spray, face paint, Trunk or Treat and Hotdogs with Cupcakes. We had a great turnout and the kids all had a great time. Hubby came and stayed awhile but then had to leave to take Anika to a Football Game. It was our school's Pink Out Game in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness!

By the time the kids and I got home from the bus run, it was late. Hubby had cleaned up around the house a little for me so I didn't have a lot to do. I waited until Anika called wanting to come home from the game and then I went and got her. Not long after I got her home, we retired to bed. It was a busy but fun day.

As you can tell things haven't slowed down around here any! Hoping you and yours are having a great month as well!

Many Blessings,


  1. First of all I am so thrilled that you went forward at church. That makes me so happy and I know God is happy with your decision.

    Secondly, how in the world do you have the energy to do so much? I would be laying on the floor saying, "No, not another night (or day) that I have to go to meetings, outings with the school, youth group, etc" You have more energy than anyone I know. And you certainly are never bored. I admire you so much that you do all these things with and for your kids. You are a great mom.

    I hope SJ is getting better with all the physical therapy he is getting. It's tough when you are injured.

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about Copper. That is so sad! We had a dog that went missing (we finally found her three days later, a bit worse for the wear but ok). I hope Copper finds his way back to you soon!
    Congratulations on your commitment to God! That is wonderful. And I love how it has turned your grandma's birthday into a happy occasion knowing she is so proud of you. I love that you decorate her grave for her birthday too. How nice!

    Sounds like you have a ton going on. Busy, busy! But what a lovely time of year. :)