Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lots of October Fun!!!

Another week of October has came and gone. Before you know it we will be in November. Time please slow down. There are so many things I wanted to get to this month and time is just not on our side. We are making the most of our days though. Here's how this past week went!

* We watched a lot of the Hurricane Coverage. Such a tragedy and so heartbreaking.

* Annalee and Axle spent the night with Mom on Saturday night while Hubby and I took a date night. We hit up our favorite food place, Chili's and went to the mall. It was a nice evening out.

* I finally got Axle some new jeans so hopefully he won't freeze to death now!

* We went to Church on Sunday. It was a hot mess. The kids were wild & I took a coughing fit and thought I was going to pass out. The devil was definitely trying to stand in my way.

* SJ has worked several day at his friend Bobby's house. Bobby is the one who passed last month and SJ goes over there several times a week to do what needs done around the place.

* Anika spent the night with Mom and Dad on Sunday night before they left for their trip.

* I watched the Presidential Debate and must confess, I'm definitely Team Trump!

* I overslept on Monday morning and the little two didn't go to school. This is the first time I've done that this year so I'm cutting myself slack.

* SJ was pretty down and out on Monday and Tuesday. He somehow hurt himself and was in a lot of pain. He did manage to make it to two doctor's appointments but that was it.

* I spent some time with Mom Monday porch sitting and talking. It was nice!

* I attended Ladies Auxillary and it was such a blessing as always. We did our regular eating, fellowship and bible study. We also discussed what we needed to do to prepare for our Church's upcoming Homecoming

* Anika had an OBGYN appointment due to some problems she's been having. Thankfully it appears that everything is normal

* I went to the Courthouse and got a ticket taken care of. They dismissed it and didn't charge me a dime. I was so happy.

* I've worked in a few short naps this week. I love naps!

* I've spent some time researching Full Time RV'ing. That will be my life one day.

* Anika got her nails done and they look so cute!!!

* Mom and Dad went on a short Mini Trip. They visited Pine Mountain and Gatlinburg. Here's a few pics.

* I finally got Sis's financial aid forms filled out. Unfortunately because they use last years tax returns, I don't think we will qualify for any. Ugh!

* SJ went to Physical Therapy several times this week. It's really not helping him any :(

* Axle's class had a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. SJ, Annalee and I all attended too. Despite the mist of rain and cold weather, we all still had a blast!

* The day after the pumpkin patch, Axle's class painted their pumpkins they picked!

* I ended up getting called in to Sub on Friday for the big school. It was my first time subbing for big school. I worked with a little boy who was highly functional. Really all I had to do was walk him to and from class, remind him to potty and such. He was a total hoot and I had so much fun with him. The school had an assembly that day and I got to attend. Axle's class go to go too and he loved it!

* Fire Pup visited the school and talked to them about Fire Safety. Here's Ax and his class with Fire Pup and the Fireman!

* Anika's Class of 2017 scheduled their Senior Skip Day for Friday. I was very nervous about it and honestly wanted to tell her she couldn't go. How do you do that though. She is almost 18 years old. Reluctantly I let her go and call it Mother's Intuition but it was a disaster. There were 6 kids involved in an ATV accident. Poor sis witnessed the whole thing. Thankfully they only got bruises, cuts, etc. but 2 of the 6 were transported to the ER by Ambulance. I just thank God it wasn't worse and that he watched over my baby.

* We went to Youth Group at Church Friday evening. We had a full house, 38 kids!!!!

* My Annalee looked so cute one morning before school that I had to snap a pic!

That my friends is how are week went down! As you can tell, we have been crazy busy but loving every moment of it. Hope you and yours have had a wonderful week too!!!!


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  1. I get the whole parenting a teen. It's hard to know when to step in and when to step back. I'm glad she wasn't hurt. Sounds like it could have been a whole lot worse.