Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekending in August


We hit up Walmart on Friday morning. I got all of Axle's School Supplies purchased and finished up his wardrobe. Lee got new shoes which finished up her wardrobe. Hubby picked up some new seats for his boat and I got myself a new outfit. We also bought some misc. junk. Am I the only person that spends a fortune every time I walk in Walmart?

Friday day I got some housework finished, Not a lot but every little bit helps. I did manage to declutter the bar but it's already piling back up. Such is the life of a mom/wife I suppose. The kids played outside while their daddy hung out in a chair and watched them.

Anika finally came home Friday evening. She never spends two days away from home but she said she had a blast at her friends house. We had Youth Group from 6-8 that evening. My group stated on the first lesson of a series of lessons I plan on teaching on "The Fruit of the Spirit." We made a tree and compared it to how we grow in our spiritual lives. I think it really hit home with them. I love my Youth Group kids!

It was after 9 before we got home Friday night so we got settled in and went to bed!


Saturday we had tossed around the idea of getting us a cabin for the night but decided not to. Our day wasn't all that interesting. I hit up a Yard Sale and Thrift Store and scored a few goodies. The kids played outside the majority of the day & the neighbor girl came over and played with them for awhile. They ended up turning the water hose on  and jumping on the trampoline so they all had a blast. I did a little housework but not a lot.

Sis went to the movies at 7:00 to watch "Suicide Squad" with some friends of hers from Church. Then at 9:00 my friend Rebekah and I met at the movies for a Girls Night. We watch "Bad Moms" and it was flipping hilarious. I definitely think it nailed what being a Mom feels like most of the time. It does have some raunchy parts and some bad language but I swear I laughed until my belly hurt. It was such a great time!!!!

Sis just hung out at the Community Center until our movie was over and rode home with me. It was after 11:00 when we got home and Hubby already had the babies in the bed. They are doing so good with their new bedtime routine! I ate a quick sandwich and then headed to bed myself.


I was actually up before 8:00 Sunday morning. The girls and I went to Church while the boys stayed home. The message was wonderful and I honestly felt as though it was directed towards me. After Church I spent my Sunday doing absolutely nothing. The kids played outside and enjoyed the weather and Anika went out to eat with my Mom and Dad. It was a nice relaxing Sunday for sure!

Now to update my August Challenges:

One of my August Challenges was to take an outfit photo everyday. I didn't manage to do it this week but I did get 6/7 so that wasn't bad at all. My reasoning for this challenge is to try and do some "wardrobe work" and refine my wardrobe a little. Here's what I wore this week and my thoughts!


I wore this to Annalee's Dr. Appt. and SJ's Therapy Appt
I'm not loving the top with the skirt and truly not sure I love either piece
I decided to keep both and give them one more try but they may very well be donated


This outfit was a lazy day around the house outfit
Other than running to town I did pretty much nothing
I did like this outfit as a whole!


This I wore for my Husband's Therapy Appointment
I really like the color combo in this outfit!
I kept both pieces of this one 


I didn't take a photo :(


I wore this to Annalee's Doctor's Appointment and to Axle's School
This was my favorite outfit of the week
I'm hoping to find/create more classic looks like this


This I wore to a Girls Night Movie
Again, I love this
It's an easy casual look 


I'm calling this a "Hot Mess" Outfit
I thought it looked okay until I saw this photo
The skirt is now in a donation bin
I look Amish!

Overall this challenge is very helpful. I hope to continue on this month in search for my signature style and to weed out my closet! I'm learning Less is more! 

The second part of my August Challenges was to do something "new" daily. I was hoping this challenge helped me think outside of the box a little. I did complete 7/7 this week.

Monday- I made spaghetti which I do often but I have never made meatballs with them. This day I did and the family loved it. Well everyone but Axle which was no surprise. He's seriously picky!

Tuesday- I started taking my night meds again. This isn't totally new but I haven't been on them for awhile. They help me fall to sleep so much easier. I really need to stay on them

Wednesday- I cooked Fresh Meat. Okay I've never had Fresh Slaughtered Meat and our neighbor brought us up a few packs of Pork Chops. Initially I was going to throw them away because there is just something unappealing about it to me. I decided to give it a try and I was surprised at how good they were. I coated them with a breadcrumb and Italian Dressing Mixture and put them in the crockpot. I'll definitely be using the other package :)

Thursday- I met with our principal about a job. I went back and forth with this one but finally bit the bullet Thursday. Will I get it, who knows but I applied!

Friday- I bought two of my Youth Group kids a bible. Every child should have a bible and I had two that didn't have one in their home

Saturday- I had a Girls Night Movie. I have never been to a movie without the kids except for on a Date Night. Rebekah and I had a blast. Bad Moms was so funny!

Sunday- I pet a cow. No lie! This was NOT planned however our neighbor stopped by and he had his cow trailer with him. I couldn't resist! It was a very cool cow ;)

There ya have it friends. It's now Monday and gonna be a busy one!
Hope Y'all have a great week


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  1. I love this post! And I agree with all your wardrobe choices. I'm trying to pare down things too. It's hard.

    Hope you have a wonderful week. It's a busy one for me too.