Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thinking out Loud....

* This going to bed at 10:00 is NOT working for me or the kids. We toss and turn 1/2 the night trying to go to sleep. I took my night medicine tonight to see if it helps me. Fingers crossed it does. As for the kids, let's hope they get back into routine sooner than later.

* I've had a horribly lazy day. Seriously, I've done nothing and boy does it show. Hopefully I can find it in myself to be a bit more productive tomorrow. I think it's just the effects of the old medicine getting out of my system because I'm very anxious and on edge too.

* I consulted today with an "Attorney who is a friend of the family." After being on the phone for an hour with the Hubby's work, I was told that he is not eligible for any Short Term Disability through them. Say what? This is the first I've heard about this new change they claim was made back at the beginning of 2016. Apparently it's only valid IF he gets hurt off the job. Isn't that the craziest thing you have ever heard? I don't know but I'm requesting a copy of their policies to see. We were told when he took his "salary" position that in the case of an accident, it would be covered 100% for 6 months and 80% for 6 months after that. Ugh, so stressful.

* I did get dressed today although I didn't do much. I wore my red jeans. I love red in outfits and I don't know why. It just pops!

* Anika done some school shopping today with my Mom. They went to the mall and then had dinner at Applebee's. I love that they get to enjoy time out together, it's good for them. My mom has been sick for what seems like forever and I worry about her. Anika done good and got lots of cute new stuff. She's almost ready for back to school.

* Speaking of back to school, she picked up her Senior Schedule today. How is it possible my baby is a Senior in High School. The thought makes me tear up a little.

* My little two have played like best friends today. Some days they do great together and then some days not so much. It's a sibling thing I guess.

* Dinner tonight was delicious. I love cooking big meals but with groceries getting higher and higher it's just impossible to do all the time. You should not have to pay so much to eat.

* I've wasted a lot of time on Pinterest today but I can't help it. I'm addicted to that site.

* Tomorrow's Plans- Housework and SJ has Therapy!

Have a Blessed Tuesday Friends

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  1. I don't know how it is there, but here if you want Short Term Disability you have to be hurt off of the job. On the job is Worker's Compensation. You might want to look into that to see if he can get it. Although Short Term Disability runs out, Worker's Comp goes on for a long time.

    I know what you mean about going to bed early. I may go to sleep right away, but then I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. Hope you all get used to things before school starts.