Sunday, August 21, 2016

Outfit Update

I didn't do great remembering to take outfit photos this week! Oops maybe next week! Here's what I got though :)

Took Axle to get his glasses!
I love this tank and it gets lots of use
The capris are a keeper too I think :)

I wore this to a Meeting for Headstart
I'm really kind of liking this
1st Maxi I've actually liked since starting this process

I got dressed and forgot a photo!
It was a Job  Interview Day for me

This is what I wore to Walmart and Arby's
I did have shoes on
Easy outfit and it looked alright I suppose

Date Night and totally didn't take a photo!

Sick/Bad Headache- Stayed in Pj's all day

Lazy Day/didn't get dressed!!!

Yep, I gotta put more effort in this week
Wish me luck :)

1 comment:

  1. All of your outfits are nice but I especially like Monday's. It looks like something I would wear.