Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Not a Bad Monday

Thoughts this Monday

* Anika's bed is SO much more comfortable than mine. I ended up sleeping with her last night to watch her where she had been having such bad shoulder pain!

* Morning's are so much easier with the Hubby home. He is such a big help with the kids

* Ax and Lee both did great going to school today. Let's hope it's a sign of a great week ahead

* I really should just buy a new coffee pot and make the Hubby coffee every morning instead of going to the store to get him a cup

* I started a journal writing journey this morning. It's part of the "Miracle Mornings" plan. If you haven't heard about it, google it. It's pretty interesting

* I walked this morning for the first time in forever. I have got to get back to doing that. It was so nice!

* My Utility room got cleaned today and god knows it needed it. It looked rough!

* Laundry is actually caught up around here- Hoorah for that!

* Hubs piddled in the garage most of the day. He gets bored very easily. Guess there is only so much Lifetime movies a man can take

* Anika missed school today. I took her to the doctor. They think it's Inflamation in her shoulder so they gave her a steroid shot. She's slept pretty much all day long.

* I picked Lee up from school at 1:00. She was all upset because some little girl stole her toy. Otherwise she seemed to have a good day!

* Ax seemed to have a pretty good day at school too. He's adjusting so much better this year!

* Mom took the little one's for haircuts after school. Then they got Oreo Blizzards. No wonder they love spending time with their Nan!

* We had lasagna for dinner, Hubby's favorite!

* Ax has got a huge bruise on his thigh. It looks horrible. He has no clue where it came from. Absolutely worries me to death!

* Our evening consisted of just the normal getting homework, baths, cleaning up, etc.

Monday was not a bad day at all- hopefully it sets the tone for the week!!!


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