Monday, August 1, 2016

I Hate Getting Behind

It's been WAY too long since I've blogged. I'm one of those people that when I get behind it just overwhelms me and the I keep putting off doing it. I want to get all caught up though and get back to daily blogging so this is my attempt!


Feeling: Totally exhausted even though I went to bed early last night. Yes, I went to bed early. Well 10:00 but if you know me, that is early. Hubby is requiring us to be in bed at 10:00 every night this week and to be up "earlier" than we have been all Summer. It's his way of trying to wean us into a back to school routine. The kids and I aren't digging it.

Thinking- About SJ's Therapy appointment today. It looks like his accident at work was more severe than we thought. Originally they just suspected that his neck was all stubbed up BUT the MRI showed different. We have continuously ran to doctors appointments, hospitals and therapy lately. The MRI revealed disc injury from C3-C7 with significant spinal pressure & an indention in the spine. Therapy right now is just consisting of heat and mobilities until we go back to see his doctor. The doctor told us last visit that surgery was most likely in his future. Sounds like it might be a long road ahead.

Listening- To my kids play together.  They are lost to death without one another. We had a park playdate the other day and they had the best time. I hate that we aren't out doing as much as I'd like to but with all SJ's appointments there just hasn't been time. We do go outside for a good bit daily though and absorb some Vitamin C.

Watching- Much more television since Hubby has been off work. He can't get out and do much so we snuggle and watch TV. Our latest obsession is "Undercover Boss". The one last night was a family who owned a KOA Campground. That is my dream one day.

Dreading- School going back and it isn't going to be too long. The kids start next week. Ugh, I'm so not ready for summer to be over. Annalee is so ready to go back. She asks me every single day. Ax however is not. Anika is ready too can she possibly be a Senior this year? I've got all Lee's school clothes bought. Ax and Anika still need some things though!

Loving- That I've got a few things done around the house lately. The fridge got a good cleaning, Lee's carpet is now down in her room now and the camper is cleaned out. I couldn't do it without my little helper though!

Recovering- From this past weekend. Hubby and I did Date Night this past Friday. It included delicious food, a few drinks and a nice overnight hotel stay. It was MUCH needed. Saturday Anika had a bunch of friends over for a Bonfire Party. Too really late nights about took me out but we survived!

Slacking- At taking photos! I'm so going to do better this month

Eating- Lots of yummy food. I made some awesome Shrimp on the BBQ the other night. I made some Pickled Corn, Kraut, Beans and Mexican Cornbread the other day & today I made Meatballs and Spaghetti. That's not even mentioning my Steak and Shrimp from Chili's or my Tequila Sunrise and Peach Margarita's. Yep, I'd say it's safe to say I've gained 50 pounds :)

Hoping- That this new medication will help me. Let's just say that after about 5 weeks on the Effexer, I realized how bad I was slipping into depression. I went to the doctor, explained what was going on and he immediately took me off of it and put me on something new. I still don't feel great but I'm hoping it gets out of my system soon and this new stuff works. It's a struggle.

Wishing- I could afford a weekend trip to Chicago. I want to visit there so bad!

Planning- On doing nothing much tomorrow. SJ has therapy again Wednesday and then Thursday is going to be a stupid busy day. Friday we have Youth Group. That about sums up our upcoming week.

Wearing- Sweats and a Tee but I did dress up today.

Craving- Something sweet. Think I'll go raid the freezer. I think their is some "Cookie Dough Ice Cream" in there.

Needing- To do some paperwork. Hopefully I can get it done tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight. Lee had blood work today (she didn't even cry) and SJ had therapy today. I've ran myself to death.

Adoring- This photo- how cute is he?

Apologizing- For not being a good blog friend. I just haven't had time to sit down and blog read. It makes me sad but it is what it is. I'm sorry :(

Friends- that is the jist of our life right now. Glad to have gotten the post up so I can get back to normal blogging. Happy Monday to you all and I hope you have an amazing week.



  1. Angie, we all get behind in blogging every now and sometimes interrupts us!!

  2. You have enough on your plate without worrying about blogging. Glad to see a new post from you, though. Your kids go back to school a month earlier than our do. But I bet they get out before the end of June too. Will be praying for your husband. It seems to be a worse injury than they at first thought. Glad you were able to get away for a date night.

  3. These are great play pictures! I am watching a show now "The Doctors". And one of the doctor hosts, Travis, has the same back problem as your husband. His whole arm goes numb. He went to a chiropractor and had acupuncture and avoided surgery. I hope the new drug works! Phil is on Prozac and it has worked so well!