Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hump Day Update


It was a super duper long day. SJ had Physical Therapy early Monday morning. I didn't get to go because I had to get ready for a busy day myself. My day consisted of filling out application information for a job and sitting through interviews with the Headstart because I'm on the hiring committee. We literally spent a good three hours conducting interviews.

Hubby took the babies to the lake and they had a blast. They went swimming and played on the playground. I was a little sad I didn't get to go.

I went to the "Back to School Bash" our community was hosting because I was supposed to help our Church work. I was late due to conducting interviews and luckily they didn't need me. I came home and rested a bit until Hubby and the kids came home. Supper was from the Pizza Place and although there was a lot of work I needed to do around the house, it didn't get done.

I was supposed to attend Ladies Auxillary at the Church but ended up not going. Mom didn't go either. I love going but was just so tired. I didn't sleep well Sunday night.

Anika got new hair for school. She spent countless hours at the salon but I think she's ready to go now. She added some color to her hair (red and blue). I was hesitant to let her but it's actually super cute. She also got her nails done. She wanted to spend the night with her friend Elizabeth so I let her go. I figured with school going back and all, she needed some friend time before she enters her Senior Year!

Bedtime was our normal 10:00 and I sure was glad. I was exhausted!


We had yet another crazy day today. I woke up early even after not sleeping well again last night. I  had a meeting at the Headstart so that we could get our new hires approved by the members. It was a good meeting and I actually enjoyed it. Afterwards we were served Subway sandwiches!

Unfortunately, the meeting ran late and the kids missed their eye appointments. I called and they informed me they could only work one of them in at a later time so I chose Axle. His eyes are horrible and he needs his glasses asap. He had his appointment, picked out his glasses and they are ordered and paid for. They should be in next week sometime.

I made us some Sloppy Joe's for dinner and prepared things for my oldest two's first day of school tomorrow. Tomorrow is Anika's last 1st day. How bittersweet is that? Axle is totally NOT ready to go back so it will probably be quite an interesting morning with him.

Hubby went on a "junk run" with his brother. They got out and scouted junk they could buy and drag home. Crazy if you ask me but whatever floats his boat.

Bedtime was our usual 10:00 and Summer Break is officially over!

We gave this trampoline to our neighbor
He didn't want to take it down so this is how he hauled it

Ax's glasses he picked out
Not my style but he LOVED them

Ax's Kindercamp Photo
I loved it

The front of Sissy's Hair
Look how cute!


It was a very early morning around here and a BIG day for two of my three kiddos. Anika started her last year of school today. I seriously can't believe the child is a Senior. How in this world could that even be true? I must admit, I've been a little emotional about it. Ax went back to Kindergarten today. He was not feeling it when I left him this morning. We had massive tears and my heart broke into.

It was kind of a quiet morning around here. It felt weird only having little Lee at home. Hubby was gone the biggest portion of the morning too. He had Physical Therapy and then rode with his Buddy to take some Pop Cans off for recycling.

I did manage to get some clothes hung up, some laundry done and the house in order while the big kids were at school. I could've done a lot more if I tried BUT I didn't put in a ton of effort.

When school was over, Hubby picked up Ax. They went fishing for about an hour. Lee and I picked up Sis and then went and picked up a Peach Cobbler Mom made us. Both kids seemed to have okay days but not great. Hoping it gets better.

Our evening consisted of me filling out tons of paperwork to send back to school, cooking dinner and getting prepared for tomorrow. Anika had Homework (already) and so did Ax. 

Bedtime will be our usual and we are all ready. Good thing too because 5:30 am comes early!

Night Friends :)

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