Tuesday, August 23, 2016

For Today- Tuesday

For Today: August 23, 2016

Outside my Window- It feels like Fall is in the air. Eastern Kentucky has been in cool down mode the past two days and it's been refreshing. The kids have enjoyed playing outside after school without the humidity taking them out! It's not going to last though, back in the 90's we go towards the end of the week!

I am Thinking- About a situation at Sissy's school. Last week she was dress coded for a dress that was completely appropriate. Now I do understand rules and such but our school system is FULL of problems that everyone is ignoring, yet they are taking the time to single out specific girls and dress code them. It's frustrating to say the least. Being who I am, I wrote a post in regards to it and posted it on Facebook. Over 100 shares later and certain school officials were not happy. Anika didn't go to school yesterday due to her shoulder but did return today. Needless to say she took a lot of slack over my post from teachers but one in particular was unnecessarily harsh. I hate adult bullying and that is just what this one teacher did. I'm torn, do I say something or just let it go? Anika's a great kid. I've never had a single issue with her. A part of me thinks that if the most she is rebelling at almost 18 years old is to break dress code, get a few piercings and dye her hair funky colors then let her go. She's happy being her and I'm happy letting her. Is that so bad?

I am Thankful- For all of this extra time with my husband. I must admit, it's been an adjustment but we are getting in the swing of things now and it's nice having him here. Before he worked ALL the time so having him to give his input on decisions, play with the kids and spend some time with me has all been a blessing. Unfortunately, he has to be hurt to get the opportunity to do it but we are embracing it while we can!

One of my Favorite Things Today- My after dinner wine cooler. It was so good!!!

I am Wearing- This outfit! I didn't do much today other than transport the kids to and from school, hit up the thrift store, clean house and grocery shop! This outfit was comfortable and easy, perfect for the day!

I'm not sure I'm going to keep these shorts
I don't love how they look on me!

I am Creating- A morning routine of hand writing in a journal. It's part of a Miracle Morning thing I've been testing out. I don't write anything specific, just fill three pages. I don't worry about grammar, indenting, punctuation, etc. I just write. I don't even break to think about what to write. I just let the pen move and the words flow. It's probably a big mash of random thoughts but who cares. It's how the process is supposed to work. Is it truly theraputic? I got no idea since I'm only on Day 2 but I'll let you know my thoughts later on.

I am Watching- A mix of shows. Lately it's been QVC Fashion, House Hunters, Blue Bloods, Flash Point, Criminal Minds and some Lifetime Movies!

I am Reading- On how to Create a Capsule Wardrobe. Details to come later!

I am Listening To- Our Air Conditioner Running and Anika's TV in her room. Otherwise it's quiet around here. Everyone is asleep.

I am Hoping- For a Labor Day Weekend Trip with my Hubs!!!!

I am Learning- God will always see me through and I should never doubt him

In the Kitchen- Things are actually pretty clean tonight. We made Sausage and Biscuits for Breakfast this morning and Cheeseburgers for dinner! 

Favorite Quote for the Day-

Photos I want To Share:

Annalee at Lunch today

Annalee on the Playground at School

Plans for the Rest of the Week:

Wednesday- SJ's Neurosurgeon Appointment
Thursday- None
Friday/Saturday- Camping at Lake
Sunday- None that I know of

Closing Thoughts

* My Mom and her Sisters leave for the Beach tomorrow for their Annual Sister Trip. I hope they have an absolute blast.

* My friend Christie is recovering from neck surgery yesterday. Praying she has a quick recovery

Goodnight Friends,


  1. Hey Honey!! It is so good to catch up with you!
    I think you have the right idea with Anika. She is such a good kid. It's a shame adults don't act the way they should. What kind of example is her teacher setting for the students?
    I'll have to go back and catch up on your posts to see what happened to your husband. Glad y'all have this time together, though!

  2. It's a shame some teachers make it hard for students to enjoy school. I didn't see your poem. I'll have to go to fb and read it.

    I'm intrigued by this Morning Musings. I'll have to find out more about it.

  3. I'm also doing the morning writing, but following The Artist's Way not Miracle Morning. I also have to plan a weekly date with myself to do something creative. So far I'm enjoying it but, like you, it is early stages (only done it for 2 weeks so far).