Sunday, August 14, 2016

Challenge Updates

Here is this week's outfit Photos!! I got to admit, I didn't do so great this week at taking photos! Here's to hoping next week is better!

I wore this to help conduct interviews at the Headstart
I like this look but not sure I'm digging the shoes

This I wore to take the kids to the eye doctor
It was an easy simple look

I wore this for the kids 1st day of school
I knew I'd be there awhile so thought I should look presentable
It's my favorite look for the week
I think simple is my style

I went for a Job Interview and totally forgot a photo
I was dressed nicely though

This is what I wore to take the Hubby to the doctor
I am NOT digging this look
I'm contemplating what to keep and try again and what to get rid of
I'm beginning to think Maxi Skirts just aren't my thing
I look frumpy :(

I sported this all day because I was at a Water Park

I was sick all night Saturday night
I lounged all day today so I didn't really get dressed :(

Now for my Something new update:

Monday- I ate a gas station Pizza Roll. My husband eats them all the time and I always thought they looked disgusting. Either I was starving or it was actually really good.

Tuesday- I drank Chocolate Milk...I only done this because I had nothing else in the house. I actually kinda liked it considering I NEVER  drink milk. I might should buy some and see if it helps me from drinking so much pop

Wednesday- I couldn't think of one new single thing I done

Thursday- I interviewed for a job. I didn't get it but I was proud of myself for taking the chance

Friday- I made some lazy perogies. My friend makes them often and they are so good. I got her recipe and gave it a try. Let's just say mine weren't nearly as good

Saturday- We visited a water park about 2 hours from home. We had never been there before but will be returning! We had a blast!

Sunday- I hopped on the bullet journaling bandwagon. I purchased my new journal. Let's hope it helps me to stay more organized and focused!

That does it for this weeks updates  :)

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