Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A is for

About Today:

A is for Adjusting- All three of my kids seem to be doing well this school year and this makes my heart happy. Axle is even beginning to look happy in his photos from school instead of terrified! Here he is learning the letter S with Stickers!

B is for Beach- Mom and her Sisters left out this evening for their Annual Sister's Trip! They were planning on traveling 1/2 way tonight and the rest of the way tomorrow. They are Myrtle Beach Bound and I can't wait to see photos. I know they are going to have a blast! Prayers that they make a safe trip please!

C is for Camping- That is our plans for the upcoming weekend. Hubby and I drove out today and found a cabin we wanted to stay in. Our kids are over the moon excited!

D is for Doctor- SJ saw the Neurosurgeon today and it was an odd visit to say the least. We left knowing VERY little about what was going on with him. They referred him to 4 more weeks physical therapy so I guess we will do as they say.

E is for Excelling- Axle is really excelling this year. He's catching on so quickly and his teacher says his confidence has increased dramatically since last year. Today he took the reading portion of his MAP testing and scored ABOVE his goal. That's awesome because last year he was way below! Retaining him to Kindergarten is proving to be the right decision, thankfully.

F is for Fantasizing- SJ and I did a lot of that today as we drove to his doctor's appointment. Both of us would love to be Full Time RV'ers and travel the country with our children. Who knows, it might happen one day!

G is for Graduating- I cannot believe my daughter is Graduating this year. It seems SO unreal. She truly seems to be enjoying her Senior Year and I hope she continues too. Never before did she try to make friends, join clubs, etc but this year is different and I'm so unbelievably thankful. Here is some photos she shared on her FB page! Senior Memories are the best!

H is for Housework- Things around here are looking A Okay at the moment. Between Sissy helping and Hubby doing a little here and there, I'm staying fairly caught up.

I is for Intrigued- I've been very intrigued lately by this whole Capsule Wardrobe thing. Currently I'm trying to define my personal style and choose the colors I want to include in my Capsule Wardrobe. Let's just say that is easier said than done! I could do a whole post on it but I'll save you the pain of listening to me!

J is for Journey- Life is a journey...I'm trying to embrace this!!!!

K is for Kings Island- I'm hoping to sneak in a trip before the end of October. Crazy rides are calling my name :)

L is for Loving- Mom gave me this new ring today. I'm loving it and loving her. Isn't it pretty?

M is for Mornings- I'm getting better at being a Morning Person but I'm not totally there yet. I don't know if I'll ever be honestly. This might be as good as it gets.

N is for New- Fixed a New Recipe today- Grilled Cabbage! It was unreal good! 

O is for Organization- I'm still using my bullet journal and although I've not completely gotten the hang of it, I'm getting there!!!! It has helped keep me on track more which is a plus!

P is for Planning- Our Photographer and I are working on planning a date for Anika's Senior Settings. I'm ecstatic!

Q is for Quiet- I took a drive to town to pick up some things this evening. It was so quiet and peaceful. I love driving alone in the evenings. The sunset was just gorgeous this evening!!!!

R is for Reading- I guess I should say Lack Thereof....I've been dying to do some blog reading and just cannot find the time. Hopefully soon!

S is for Subbing- I've got my name on the school's sub list to work but they have yet to call me. Hopefully soon!

T is for Trip- Hubby and I are hoping to escape a night or two through Labor Day Weekend. Not sure financially we can but we are definitely hoping!

U is for Unrealistic- I suppose the school has now decided that their dress code policy is unrealistic so now they went to the other extreme and decided not to enforce dress code at all. Shew, isn't there a happy medium people?

V is for Van- I'd so love to own a Mini Van....not gonna happen no time soon though

W is for Wearing- Here's today's outfit and I'm not digging it!

It looks sloppy and frumpy
The shirt might work with different shirts 
The shorts are a NO!!!!

X is for X-Ray- Anika's still having shoulder pain so tomorrow we go for an X-Ray

Y is for You- I love you guys and thank you for your continued support in reading my blog. You all truly are the best!

Z is for Zero- Zero minutes till my bedtime!

Night Friends
Happy Hump Day!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

For Today- Tuesday

For Today: August 23, 2016

Outside my Window- It feels like Fall is in the air. Eastern Kentucky has been in cool down mode the past two days and it's been refreshing. The kids have enjoyed playing outside after school without the humidity taking them out! It's not going to last though, back in the 90's we go towards the end of the week!

I am Thinking- About a situation at Sissy's school. Last week she was dress coded for a dress that was completely appropriate. Now I do understand rules and such but our school system is FULL of problems that everyone is ignoring, yet they are taking the time to single out specific girls and dress code them. It's frustrating to say the least. Being who I am, I wrote a post in regards to it and posted it on Facebook. Over 100 shares later and certain school officials were not happy. Anika didn't go to school yesterday due to her shoulder but did return today. Needless to say she took a lot of slack over my post from teachers but one in particular was unnecessarily harsh. I hate adult bullying and that is just what this one teacher did. I'm torn, do I say something or just let it go? Anika's a great kid. I've never had a single issue with her. A part of me thinks that if the most she is rebelling at almost 18 years old is to break dress code, get a few piercings and dye her hair funky colors then let her go. She's happy being her and I'm happy letting her. Is that so bad?

I am Thankful- For all of this extra time with my husband. I must admit, it's been an adjustment but we are getting in the swing of things now and it's nice having him here. Before he worked ALL the time so having him to give his input on decisions, play with the kids and spend some time with me has all been a blessing. Unfortunately, he has to be hurt to get the opportunity to do it but we are embracing it while we can!

One of my Favorite Things Today- My after dinner wine cooler. It was so good!!!

I am Wearing- This outfit! I didn't do much today other than transport the kids to and from school, hit up the thrift store, clean house and grocery shop! This outfit was comfortable and easy, perfect for the day!

I'm not sure I'm going to keep these shorts
I don't love how they look on me!

I am Creating- A morning routine of hand writing in a journal. It's part of a Miracle Morning thing I've been testing out. I don't write anything specific, just fill three pages. I don't worry about grammar, indenting, punctuation, etc. I just write. I don't even break to think about what to write. I just let the pen move and the words flow. It's probably a big mash of random thoughts but who cares. It's how the process is supposed to work. Is it truly theraputic? I got no idea since I'm only on Day 2 but I'll let you know my thoughts later on.

I am Watching- A mix of shows. Lately it's been QVC Fashion, House Hunters, Blue Bloods, Flash Point, Criminal Minds and some Lifetime Movies!

I am Reading- On how to Create a Capsule Wardrobe. Details to come later!

I am Listening To- Our Air Conditioner Running and Anika's TV in her room. Otherwise it's quiet around here. Everyone is asleep.

I am Hoping- For a Labor Day Weekend Trip with my Hubs!!!!

I am Learning- God will always see me through and I should never doubt him

In the Kitchen- Things are actually pretty clean tonight. We made Sausage and Biscuits for Breakfast this morning and Cheeseburgers for dinner! 

Favorite Quote for the Day-

Photos I want To Share:

Annalee at Lunch today

Annalee on the Playground at School

Plans for the Rest of the Week:

Wednesday- SJ's Neurosurgeon Appointment
Thursday- None
Friday/Saturday- Camping at Lake
Sunday- None that I know of

Closing Thoughts

* My Mom and her Sisters leave for the Beach tomorrow for their Annual Sister Trip. I hope they have an absolute blast.

* My friend Christie is recovering from neck surgery yesterday. Praying she has a quick recovery

Goodnight Friends,

Not a Bad Monday

Thoughts this Monday

* Anika's bed is SO much more comfortable than mine. I ended up sleeping with her last night to watch her where she had been having such bad shoulder pain!

* Morning's are so much easier with the Hubby home. He is such a big help with the kids

* Ax and Lee both did great going to school today. Let's hope it's a sign of a great week ahead

* I really should just buy a new coffee pot and make the Hubby coffee every morning instead of going to the store to get him a cup

* I started a journal writing journey this morning. It's part of the "Miracle Mornings" plan. If you haven't heard about it, google it. It's pretty interesting

* I walked this morning for the first time in forever. I have got to get back to doing that. It was so nice!

* My Utility room got cleaned today and god knows it needed it. It looked rough!

* Laundry is actually caught up around here- Hoorah for that!

* Hubs piddled in the garage most of the day. He gets bored very easily. Guess there is only so much Lifetime movies a man can take

* Anika missed school today. I took her to the doctor. They think it's Inflamation in her shoulder so they gave her a steroid shot. She's slept pretty much all day long.

* I picked Lee up from school at 1:00. She was all upset because some little girl stole her toy. Otherwise she seemed to have a good day!

* Ax seemed to have a pretty good day at school too. He's adjusting so much better this year!

* Mom took the little one's for haircuts after school. Then they got Oreo Blizzards. No wonder they love spending time with their Nan!

* We had lasagna for dinner, Hubby's favorite!

* Ax has got a huge bruise on his thigh. It looks horrible. He has no clue where it came from. Absolutely worries me to death!

* Our evening consisted of just the normal getting homework, baths, cleaning up, etc.

Monday was not a bad day at all- hopefully it sets the tone for the week!!!


Monday, August 22, 2016

MIA for a Week!!!

Blogging has NOT been one of the things I've been keeping up with very well. I apologize and surely hope to do better! Here's a quick catch up post for you!

* The first of this week started out rough with Axle and school but I'm proud to report by Wednesday, we was doing much better!

* We got the kids four wheelers and boy did we get a good deal on them! Ax is loving his but Lee has no interest in riding hers!

* We have had torrential downpours about everyday this week. Luckily they aren't lasting long.

* Axle got his new glasses Monday and is wearing them like a champ! I'm pretty proud :)

* I made a new Cabbage & Sausage Skillet Recipe Monday night and it was SO GOOD!!!!!

* Lee got her one on one night with Mom and Dad Monday night too. Ax stays a lot with them by himself but she rarely does, She had control over You Tube, got her toes and nails done & was pampered like a princess. She had a blast :)

* Tuesday I had a Headstart Meeting in the next town over. It was a quick meeting just wrapping up any unfinished business from last year. They served us dinner from Pig in a Poke (not my favorite) and then I swung by Cato's to do a little window browsing and of course I did by something! I couldn't resist!

* Tuesday evening Hubby helped my dad all day and then Mom fixed us a big family meal. It was delicious!

* Wednesday Lee finally started school. She's in Pre School so she always starts later than Bub. She was so excited and didn't shed a single tear. I was so proud of her!

* The High School let out early on Wednesday due to no Air Conditioning and a Water Leak. Anika had no complaints with it at all. She ended up going to her friend Elizabeth's house and spent the night there!

* I had yet another Interview for the school on Wednesday and sadly I didn't get it. It truly was a job I was passionate about and wish circumstances would have been different. I must admit, I was pretty disappointed.

* SJ's Uncle was here ALL day Wednesday and 1/2 the day Thursday trying to fix his vehicle. It broke down on him and he made it to our house but couldn't go any farther. He finally got it fixed!

* Our evening Wednesday was lazy. We done the normal baths, homework, etc but other than that nothing else got done. Oh well it happens.

* Thursday we had a lazy morning. I guess it just rolled over from Wednesday's lazy evening!r

* After the mail ran Thursday, we rode to a nearby town and got SJ's check cashed. We grabbed us some lunch at Arby's while we were out.

* Thursday evening was pretty much just a regular evening of getting things done and prepared for the next day.

* Friday we got some possible good news from SJ's job! We might qualify for Short Term Disability which would be amazing if we did. Fingers crossed!

* Anika got dress coded  Friday at school around 10:00 so she ended up having to come home. Figured it was a good day to go get her nails and hair done. That school kills me!

* Friday evening the kids went to Youth Group and spent the night with Mom. Hubby and I had Date Night and his brother & his wife joined us. We fished till way late and had a great time enjoying nature and camping!!!

* Saturday morning we hung out at the lake for a bit before heading home.

* I ended up with a bad migraine so slept a few hours after coming home before picking up the kids.

* Saturday evening I hit up Goodwill, picked up my babes from Mom's and took Anika to spend the night with a friend! The rest of our evening was pretty much just lounging around.

* Sunday I missed Church. I spent my morning revamping my planning routine a little and doing some housework.

* I picked Sis up around 3:00 and brought her home. She's somehow hurt her shoulder and is in a lot of pain!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Outfit Update

I didn't do great remembering to take outfit photos this week! Oops maybe next week! Here's what I got though :)

Took Axle to get his glasses!
I love this tank and it gets lots of use
The capris are a keeper too I think :)

I wore this to a Meeting for Headstart
I'm really kind of liking this
1st Maxi I've actually liked since starting this process

I got dressed and forgot a photo!
It was a Job  Interview Day for me

This is what I wore to Walmart and Arby's
I did have shoes on
Easy outfit and it looked alright I suppose

Date Night and totally didn't take a photo!

Sick/Bad Headache- Stayed in Pj's all day

Lazy Day/didn't get dressed!!!

Yep, I gotta put more effort in this week
Wish me luck :)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Our Weekend

What our weekend was made of:

Kids going to school Friday with no tears! Little Lee can't wait to start

Doctor's Appointment for SJ- scheduled to see a Neurosurgeon now. Praying for the best!

Walmart Trip for Anika's school supplies and scored myself two cute new pair of shoes while I was there

Lots of errand running, it's just what I do!

A visit from my friend Christie. I miss her bunches

Fun day at the water park with our Church Youth Group


No sleep due to vomiting and tummy cramps :(

Feeling weak as dishwasher all day Sunday

Light housekeeping because the place needed to be livable again

Burgers on the grill- yummy

Pinterest and lots of my favorite things!!!

A new Moleskin Planner to start my bullet journaling

Attending a benefit for a young man in our community with cancer

Preparing for a new week ahead

Sharing these adorable photos of my kids

On the Playground at School

Bring on a NEW WEEK!!!!!