Thursday, July 21, 2016

What I Know Wednesday

* I know that when school starts back I'm in big trouble! We are so out of routine it's crazy!

* I know that my husband is addicted to his morning cup of coffee & he will not make it at home. It has to come from the gas station. So weird!

* I know that my house is looking so much better. I've got a ton of items to donate. I've been doing some massive purging.

* I know that I got to get to work on my July goals or it's going to be an epic fail. I literally hadn't even looked at them until yesterday.

* I know that my Life List just keeps getting longer. There are so many things I want to do/see/experience in my lifetime.

* I know that if it hadn't been for Axle's birthday party this coming Sunday, I would have went to Cedar Point this weekend with my best friend. I totally don't think Ax would have agreed though.

* I know that having my Hubby home 24/7 is a real adjustment. It's so different.

* I know that Sadie is probably one of the best kids that has stayed here. She spent the night last night with Anika and I swear you don't know she is on the place.

* I know that I love Summer but the humidity this week has been a beast!!!!

* I know that my Mom makes the best Peach Cobbler under the sun. I dropped Hubby off at his brother's yesterday and went to mom's and ate cobbler. It was so good!

* I know that Ax must be going through a growing spurt. The boy who never eats has been eating me out of house and home.

* I know that Christmas in July movies are really making me dread winter

* I know that I need to start going to bed earlier than midnight

* I know that it's going to be a busy weekend ahead

* I know that pictureless posts suck...I'm sorry

* I know that you all are the best :)

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