Sunday, July 24, 2016

We Partied

Today has been hectic, stressful, fun and full of blessings

I was in party mode from the time my feet hit the floor until just about an hour ago
It went well though and now we will get a birthday party break
At least from hosting them

Here's some photos! Hope you enjoy

Ax and Lee got a new trampoline as a "together gift"
We got it put together before the party
A water hose and it turned into a slippery trampoline!

Got this Gazebo today on clearance- Great Find!
Note the basket of water balloons in the background!

Birthday Boy taking it easy

Slip n Slide Fun!

They had a blast!

Water Balloon Fight!

Poor Daddy- they got him good!

Bud Bud found a mud puddle

He loves his pa!

Shark Cake

My bestie

His new ride we got him
It's electric and does super cool stuff

It was a fun time. He had a blast with his friends, we ate like pigs, enjoyed fabulous company and I just felt truly blessed for this life I've been given!

Year 6 has came for my sweet boy- hoping it's his best year yet!

Goodnight Friends!!!

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  1. Wow what a great party! Wish I had been there. It looks like so much fun. And I sure could have used some of that water to cool off. Hard to believe he's 6 already! Have a good week.