Monday, July 11, 2016

Vacation and Stuff

Hello Friends, I am back. Actually we got back from vacation yesterday afternoon around 5:00 but today I am back to blogging.

We had a WONDERFUL trip and I hated to see it end. It sure didn't take long for reality to hit once I got home. I'll give you all the details but in one post at a time. I've got a LOT to tell.

Since today I've done much of nothing, I don't have a lot to blog about. Today was my "rest day" because we all need a vacation day after vacation, right? Poor Hubby wasn't so lucky. He had to go back to work tonight on night shift. The kids are glad to be home, I think. Axle did ask first thing this morning what we were doing today. That child never wears down. I wish I had 1/2 his energy. Anika is still not home, she will be back on Wednesday and I cannot wait.

While I didn't do much today, I did get the house cleaned up pretty good. I also got the vacation laundry done, supper cooked and a store list made for tomorrow. Today wasn't a total fail on my part!

Anyway, on with the good stuff...Vacation Day 1

We actually left out on Thursday night but I'm not counting that as Day 1 because we literally just drove that night. Axle pulled Tenn out of the hat so that was the direction we headed. I must admit, I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping for a whole new direction for this trip but I left it up to fate and we went with it.

We drove about 3 hours which put us around 11:30 that night. I hit the GPS Campground Finder Button and it led us to a place called Around the Pond Campground. It was dark so we really couldn't tell much about the campground but they had "After Hours information" posted at the main office. They used the honor system which is so awesome. Pretty much we put our $30.00 in an envelope and then set up on a site. Set up was a little longer process on this night but trust me by the end of the trip we were professionals at it. We literally went straight to bed after setting up and got a good nights rest.

Our first real day of Vacation started on Friday. We woke up fairly early and I was absolutely in awe of the campground. It was so pretty and I didn't even realize it the night before! We had some cereal for breakfast, all got showered and then wondered around the campground checking things out. There was all sorts of great stuff to look at there! We even met the owner of the campground who was awesome. He now lived on the campground and took us to his garage so Axle and SJ could look at all his toys. Boy did he have some nice one's. Here's some campground photos for you!

What kid doesn't like climbing on big rocks

Look how pretty that pond is and swings to boot!
There was also seating around the pond 
There was a couple paddle boats and a couple canoes too that was free to use

This area was a "Community Grilling Area"
It was WELL equipped with everything you would need

I couldn't get enough of this covered patio area 

Community Fire Pit- How cool is that!

Isn't these just really cool

Of Course This was the Guys favorite part

I truly wish we had more time there. If I had it to do over, we would have spent at least one additional night. I'm thinking we might make a return visit!!!

We decided to load up and head up to Ashville, NC. Now we chose Ashville for one reason and that is because it was on my bucket list. I totally fell in LOVE with it and I totally want to go back and explore more. Trust me it will probably happen too. It was such a charming little town and the downtown area was very walkable which I love. We didn't have nearly enough time here and there are so many places outside of downtown Ashville that I want to see too.

Now in case your wondering, YES the boys got a haircut. We were wandering down the Street when SJ spotted a Barber Shop. It said "Get a Shave, Haircut and a Beer" He was so excited about it and so we did it. He got a nice straight razor shave with hot towels included, a good haircut and 2 beers. Ax wanted a haircut too so we did and he got a rootbeer. It was pretty cute but a little on the expensive side. It was worth it though for the experience as SJ had never had a straight razor shave before!

We had lunch at The Southern Kitchen and Bar. It came recommended from the Barber Shop. The building was kind of neat and they offered outdoor seating although we opted for indoor. It looked somewhat eclectic and industrial inside which was unexpected. The staff was NOT anything to write home about and the food was just okay. The menu had very limited offerings. I ended up settling on a Buffalo Chicken Pannini and Chips. The kids both got Hot Dogs and Chips and the Hubby got a Garden Salad. He couldn't find anything on the menu that looked good to him. He had a few beers and I enjoyed a nice refreshing drink. We waited for quite a long while on our food and it was a bit on the expensive side. Definitely not somewhere I'd return although it wasn't horrible. My Pannini was actually pretty okay!

We also hit up "The Fun Depot" before leaving Ashville. We seriously drove all over the world trying to find it but we were determined and eventually did. We had all planned on riding Go Karts but that didn't happen because Lee was not old enough. The boys did ride though while us gals played in the arcade. I must tell you, this place was so awesome for kids. There was Mini Golf inside as well as Laser Tag. It had a huge variety of arcade games. There was an outdoor Ropes Course and Go Karts. They also sold snacks and such but we weren't hungry so we passed. The kids had a blast at this place though and I'd definitely stop in again if we were in the area.

After Fun Depot, we headed on to our next stop. We were hoping to only drive about 2 hours before landing for the  night but it didn't happen. We had so much trouble finding a decent camping spot that we ended up driving about 4 hours instead. We found ourselves in a little place called Sweetwater Lake Campground in Orangeburg SC- details on it tomorrow. There was no one at the office to check us in but again we dropped money in an envelope and set up on a site. We ate a sandwich before retiring to bed for the night.

So let's recap:

Campground: Around the Pond- Greensville, TN
Pros: Great Amenities, Beautiful Lake, Super Cool Owner, Cute little Bath Area
Cons: No pool, Road traffic was a bit Loud
Definitely recommend

Food: Southern Kitchen & Bar
Pros: Eclectic Building with Nice Decor
Cons: Limited Menu and Just Okay Service
Don't Recommend

Ashville (Downtown)
Pros: Ability to walk downtown area, Great Architecture, Small and Charming
Cons: No Camper Parking

Fun Depot- Ashville
Pros: Lots of activities, Reasonably Priced, Food on Site
Cons: Age Limit on Go Kart Rides

So there you have it- Day 1
Stay Tuned tomorrow for Day 2

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  1. Yay for your great vacation! I am loving hearing all about it. Can't wait for tomorrow's installment. I love Ax's hair all spiked like that. It's so cute.