Thursday, July 21, 2016

Today 07/21/2016

I Woke- Earlier than normal but only because Hubs woke me up

I Went- To the gas station first thing and got my honey his morning coffee

I Appreciated- Hubby cooking breakfast, yummy pancakes

I Got- The kitchen counters decluttered and it looks so much better. I'm making progress day by day

I Washed- Annalee's Bedding and a few additional loads

I Called- About SJ's doctor's's an everyday thing right now

I Wore- This really cute dress and vest!

I Took- The kids to a new doctor today. He was really good and we will definitely continue seeing him. He's a pediatrician which is what I wanted for them. He had some concerns with both kids but nothing major.

I Wondered- Why anyone would vote for Hillary Clinton (Sorry Hillary fans)

I Played- On Pinterest way too long as usual

I Debated- On if I want to take on a full time job or not. Still haven't decided

I Loved- Taking a walk with my friend Rebekah tonight!

I Snapped- This pic of Axle today. We fight over him doing this all the time!

I Needed- To make a Birthday Party List but it didn't happen

I Asked- My Mom to babysit tomorrow but she can't. Guess they will be going with me

I Watched- A little bit of "Naked and Afraid". Those people are nuts!

I Ate- Homemade Pizza and Chips for dinner

I Enjoyed- Watching my baby play with Sparklers tonight. They had a blast!

I Wished- My shoulder would stop hurting. It's killed my today

I Agreed- To volunteer at some Back to School Bash. Not sure what that consists of 

That my friends sums up my Thursday
Hope yours has been awesome!!!


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  1. Oh, Angie, that outfit you have on is so cute! I love it. I remember playing with sparklers when I was a kid. It doesn't take much to make a child happy. So nice of SJ to make those pancakes for you.