Saturday, July 23, 2016

Things To Note

It's been insanely busy around here. Yep, I say that all the time but it's true. I haven't blogged for 2 days so I'm just going to give you the important details, otherwise you'd be reading for a month!

* Headstart Meeting- I had a Headstart Meeting on Friday morning. It was held at a Conference Center. It was a budget meeting so it was pretty boring. They fed us but the food wasn't all that fantastic either. I'm still so up in the air if I want to apply for a full time position with them or not. It has it's ups and downs. The money is very little but you get paid all summer and are off. I'd have to ride the bus which would mean dragging my kids out an hour or so earlier than normal. I don't know, decisions are just hard!

* Chiropractor- Why oh why haven't I went before? It was quite an experience but I left that office feeling like a new woman. The massage therapy was like being at a spa and the electrode therapy felt painfully good (if that is possible). My shoulder felt so much better when I left. I will be seeing him 3 times a week for awhile and it's going to be worth every penny. I will admit the popping sounds were a bit scary but otherwise I'd highly recommend people give it a try for pain!

* Youth Group- After a full day of meetings and chiropractors, I still managed to make it to Youth Group! Our lesson this week was on not judging people and we focused mainly on the school setting. With school going back I just thought it was appropriate. I love my group I teach. They truly are some cool kids. Ax and Lee went to their class without me just fine which always makes me happy. Our Choir Leader has some amazing blacklight performances in the works and next week we are planning to do a Movie Night! It's so fun to be a part of it and so rewarding!

* New Clothes- Lee is finished with her school shopping with the exception of new shoes and hairbows! Between the 12 new outfits she got from her birthday to the garbage bag of gently used clothes I bought off a lady last night, the kid couldn't fit another single thing in her closet! Speaking of school she is so ready to go back. She asks me every single day when it's time to start! At least one of my kids like school.

* Men- My Husband and I had a bit of a disagreement Friday night. You know, typical married stuff. Wonder why he can't just see it's easier to let me always be right?

Sleep- I slept none Friday night due to the above statement!!!

Lazy Saturday Morning- Because of my lack of sleep, I ended up sleeping half the day today. No shame in my game. 

Party Prepping- I went to Walmart today and got party supplies. Tomorrow is Axle's Birthday Party and boy is he excited. It's going to be here at the house per his request! I bought Water Balloons, Sprinklers and Slip n Slides to hopefully keep the crowd of kids entertained. I still got a lot to do tomorrow but at least the decor and his gift is bought!

Movies- Anika and her friend Mercades went to the movies tonight to see something about "Pets." I forgot the name of it. Anyway, they said it was good!

Tomorrow- Is party day and it should be a blast. A day full of family, friends, water and all things Shark related!!!!


  1. Have fun tomorrow! I think with the way this weather has been you are smart to do water things with the kids. Try to keep them cool. And you too!

  2. Angie, When my husband says, "Once again you are right." I always ask him why he isn't used to it by now. LOL. I see there's clothes hanging in that closet that aren't even on hangers. :):) Once my closet rod was breaking and making creaking noises thru the night, Ted says , we need to fix that....I ask if we could just move...that's how many clothes were in that closet, so many I did not want to take them out. Glad you are feeling brand new again. Blessings to you and your family, xoxo, Susie