Sunday, July 17, 2016

He is Six

Yesterday my boy turned SIX years old. How in this world does time fly by so fast?

Yesterday morning we celebrated my big boy with Balloons and Cupcakes! He sure did enjoy it

I asked him where he wanted to go to dinner for his birthday and he requested to play on YouTube all day instead. How can you tell the birthday boy no, right? Yep that is what he spent his whole special day doing. The boy gets obsessed with YouTube which is why he isn't allowed to play on it. Definitely a rare treat for him.

Sis and I went to Walmart and got party supplies. Sis drove me over there and did a pretty good job. It was her first time driving on the road since she got her permit.

We got all the party supplies bought along with all the food we needed! The kids are going to have a blast I think. We also picked up Lee's birthday present, a NEW bike!!!

I cooked dinner yesterday and we had Axle's favorite, corn on the cob. Afterwards I worked cleaning out my closet and decluttering two corners of my bedroom. It's looking MUCH better!!!! We have so much junk.

Hubby and I finished off the night by watching a movie on Lifetime called "Abducted." It was a pretty good movie! 

Around midnight Lee and I hit the sack. The boys slept in the living room per Birthday Boy's Request!

It was a great day of celebrating and it's just begun. Today is Annalee's Party so be looking for that post soon!

Have a beautiful Sunday friends!


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