Sunday, July 31, 2016

Goal Update


* Continue getting Hubby ready for and off to work- This actually went N/A about the second week of July due to him being off  work from his injury.

* July Date Night- We did it at the last minute and I'm so glad we did!

* Go Thrifting- This happened this month and I scored a few cute things including a dress I love!

* Buy a Magazine or two I enjoy- I actually bought two this month and read them while at the hospital with the Hubby.

* Do a Massive Closet Purge- Done and got rid of tons of junk!!!!

* Hang and Organize kids clothes for Back to School- Done and have kept it organized all month

* Visit Christie- This didn't happen :(

* Email Millie- This didn't happen either and it frustrates me because how hard is it to send an email

* Attend Church when I'm home on Sundays- This was an EPIC FAIL- I've not been once this entire month

* Continue Helping with Youth Group- I didn't do great at this. I did help a couple times but not like I wanted to

* Successfully host kids Birthday parties- Both went well, Go Me!!!

* Start Planning Christmas Vacation- Haven't gave it a single thought, My Bad!!!

* Enjoy Vacation- It was a fantastic trip. We loved loved loved it :)

* Go swimming with Mom- Didn't happen!!!

* Complete a Photo Challenge- Think I did 3 days and then was a busy month though!

* Take the kids for a Walk- Nope I didn't but we did go to the park. Does that count?

* Try a New Recipe- Yea I didn't do it....

* Have a Yes Day- I didn't do this one either

Overall I did okay I guess but hopefully August Goals will go better!!!


* Have Date Night
* Personal Goal (shhh..can't tell)
* Walk at least 10 times
* Buy myself new shoes I love
* Clean out my kitchen cabinets
* Replace all light bulbs in my house
* Spend time with Christie
* Spend time with Rebekah
* Work at the Church Back to School Bash
* Attend Ladies Auxillary
* Finish School Shopping
* Pay off Final Payment to Cash Express
* Control my Emotions
* Donate weekly canned food to church baskets
* Take a Daily Outfit Photo
* Do something New Daily
* Try 3 new recipes
* Do something really fun

There ya have it friends :)

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