Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 2- South Carolina Camping

The 2nd morning of vacation, we woke up to be surprised once again by the campground. When you check in late, you really have no clue what the place looks like. We got out and wandered around taking in the sights before showering. After our showers, we had some breakfast!

This Barn sat right beside the campground

It was definitely a gorgeous setting

The River was right in front of the campground

Having Breakfast

This Campground was called Sweetwater Lake Campground and was located in Orangeburg, South Carolina. It was in a pretty location however there was zero amenities! No picnic tables, swings, fire rings, etc. I enjoyed the view and snapping some photos but was glad we only spent the night there. The kids would have gotten bored of only being able to ride their bikes pretty quickly. The rate here was $40.00 a night which was rather expensive for what you got. They did have the cutest little one room shower house though!

After breakfast we decided to load up and head out pretty quickly! Our initial plan was to drive several hours (around 6 or so) that day before landing somewhere else for the night. Traffic was NOT on our side though and the commute was VERY slow!!!!

Only a little over 2 hours in and we quickly changed plans. We decided we did not want to spend our entire day sitting in traffic. We found an exit with several camping options and went that direction. We came upon the cutest looking little store and I just had to stop. I'm so glad we did!

The store was a Cider Store but offered Jellies, Jams and various other items. I browsed for quite awhile. We ended up getting my parent's a jug of Peach Cider to bring home. I swear I fell in love with this little place. It was so cute and quaint & filled with all sorts of yummy stuff!!!!!

The kids decided to get them some drinks! Ax wanted an Old Fashioned Peach Nehi and frankly I had to have one too. It brought back so many memories of my childhood with my grandpa. He and I used to drink Nehi Pop (Peach was my favorite) and work crossword puzzles!

We talked to the lady running the store who was so amazingly nice! She advised us to just call it a day and let traffic clear so that is what we decided to do. We asked her for camping recommendations because locals always know best and she suggest Port Royal KOA! It was only located a few minutes down the road so we decided to check it out.

Port Royal was an awesome place and we got so lucky because they only had one site left. It was located in Port Royal, SC and a highly recommend it to anyone visiting around that area. Not only was there a great swimming pool, playground, gem mining and fireworks to end the night, there was also a well stocked camp store on site. The bar area offered wine tasting in the afternoons and they had a food area that served pizza, wings and breadsticks. My favorite part of the whole place though was a trail that circled a man made lake. The kids rode their bikes around it while we walked. It was awesome and way out to itself. We actually saw alligators while we were walking which was way cool! The rates was around $45.00 a night but so worth it. Once we got checked in we didn't leave. The kids had an absolute blast and we opted for dinner at the food court area. It was a nice relaxing day and all of us enjoyed it. The fireworks that night were pretty fun too...well for everyone but Annalee. We learned she is NOT a fan of Fireworks!

I would totally visit the Port Royal area again as well as the KOA. It was one of those places that I wished we could have stayed longer. After conversing with several other campers, I learned that the area was centrally located between Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. It was also not far from Hilton Head. I'd love to go back and use the campground as a home base and just get out and explore.

We were actually up pretty late that night but our 3rd Day started way early thanks to the Hubby having his watch on the wrong setting.

Tune in tomorrow to see where Day 3 took us!!!!


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  1. I am so loving your vacation. That KOA campground sounds fantastic. You definitely should go back and stay there while traveling around to see the other areas.