Monday, July 18, 2016

An Art Party!!!

Our Sunday was spent preparing and hosting Annalee's 4th Birthday Party. It turned out to be a great success!

We chose the park for her party because she loves to swing. Our local park allows you to use it free of charge so it's a win/win situation! I debated between a "Strawberry Party" and an "Art Party" for Lee. We ended up going with Art because the girl loves to paint and draw! It just fit who she is right now.

Our day was spent getting ready, picking up the cake, etc. Five O'clock came quickly and it was party time. The kids all painted, tye dyed socks and played on the playground. We had Hotdogs, Macaroni Salad, Chips and Cake for dinner. I think everyone got their bellies full.

I was rather impressed at how much the older and younger children enjoyed the party equally. I think painting and tye dying activities was genius.

Lee got many wonderful gifts!!! We got her a new bike which she was crazy about. She also got 12 complete outfits (school shopping done), new panties, socks, jewelry, a couple new baby dolls, art sets and a super soaker water gun! She was one happy gal.

We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends that love our children so much!

It's hard to believe my tiny baby is 4 years old...time slow down please!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! They sure grow up fast don't they??
    Looks like a really fun celebration!

  2. That was a great theme! Looks like everyone had fun.