Thursday, July 14, 2016

About Today

For Today- Thursday July 14, 2016

Outside my Window- It is dark and damp from the rain we had earlier

I am Thinking- About all the things I need to do by Sunday and wondering how I'll ever get them all done

I am Thankful- For the little bit of sleep I got today. Hubby got hurt at work last night and was in serious pain by the time he got home. He woke me around 2:00 am and I took him to the Emergency Room. They said it was the nerves in his neck where he hit his head. They gave him a Steroid Shot and a Pain Shot before sending us home with medicine. The ER was crazy busy last night so it was almost 9:00 when we got home this morning! I got about 2 1/2 hours sleep is all but it helped. Trust me, tonight I'm dragging. I'm going to bed as soon as I finish this post though.

One of my Favorite Things Today- Was this girl looking all cute in her new Myrtle Beach shirt her Nana brought her home! She loved it!

I am Wearing- Aqua Skinny Capris and a Sea Blue top! Kinda cute!!!!

I am Creating- A Pinterest Board full of Fashion Looks I love! I'm hoping to refine my fashion a little and maybe get out of the always wearing jeans and a tee funk.

I am Reading- Nothing at the moment however earlier I was reading up on SJ's medicines they prescribed him

I am Watching- Little Lee play with her toys in the floor in front of me. Ax spent the night with my Mom tonight so she has the run of the house!

I am Listening To: Anika tell me she's getting a bath. Her poor legs still haven't healed from the sand. Apparently she is allergic to sand. Only my kid!

I am Hoping- SJ's appointment goes okay tomorrow. His company is demanding he see's one of their doctors. I always worry about things like that as I don't want him working hurt and then making something worse. I'll let you know how it goes though.

I am Learning- To NOT watch television or read social media articles. So depressing :(

In my Kitchen- It looks like a bomb went off. I've not even cleaned up dinner dishes yet and probably wont.

Around the House- It's pretty quiet tonight. Hubby is sleeping and the girls are just doing their own thing.

I am Praying- For a family we know. They lost their Mother/Wife yesterday to cancer. I can't imagine their pain

I am Feeling- Beyond exhausted, for real

Plans for the rest of the Week:  SJ to the doctor in the morning and then hopefully check some items off my To Do List! Saturday celebrate Axle turning 6 and Sunday Church & Annalee's Birthday Party!

Photos I want to Share:

ER where I spent my night!

Tree at ER because why not take photos when you wait 
9 hours!!!!!

The girls and I got Shaved Ice today- So good!!!

Anika running through  the field at the pharmacy while I'm waiting
in the drive thru! Yep, she was trying to catch some Pokemon!

Additional Thoughts:

* Hopefully I'll get another Vacation post installment up tomorrow. Just don't have it in me tonight

* This weekend is going to be crazy. Wish me luck!

* I need to brain dump and soon, my head is full of things that need to be done

* Hoping to start a new challenge next week- I'll keep you posted!

I guess that is it folks!!! Everyone have a good night!


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  1. I'll be praying for SJ and the doctor appointment this morning. I hope he's OK. Aren't ERs just great? That's awful to make you wait so long.

    Hope that despite all of this you have a good weekend celebrating your two littles.