Friday, July 15, 2016

A-Z of today!!!

A- Axle and Annalee are running around the living room like wild kids tonight! They have a boggie board strapped to their wrist pretending their at the ocean. Too funny!

B- Been doing some decluttering in my bedroom tonight and listing some things on Facebook for sale. I'm hoping to get this mess around here under control eventually

C- Can't hardy hold my eyes open tonight. I've been so tired this week

D- Doctor's Appointment for SJ went so/so today. They put him on some new meds and told him to come back on Tuesday to see how he was doing. They released him to go back to work on light duty but his work refused to let him so home he is!

E- Excited to celebrate my boy's special day tomorrow. He will be 6 years old. How did that even happen?

F- Found myself the cutest shirt today at Factory Connection. I just love it!

G- Got to go get party supplies tomorrow. So much to do and so little time

H- Had to visit the doctor myself today to get my meds refilled. It's been the day of doctors around here.

I- I did enjoy going out to a cute little diner with SJ today for lunch! It was our first visit there and the food and atmosphere was great.

J- Just wish my two little one's would not fight all the time. They drive me crazy!!!

K- Kind of wondering why my blood pressure and heart rate was so high at the doctor today. Guess maybe stress

L- Lazy is the only word I have to describe me tonight. I got so much to do and just too tired to do it

M- My Mom is getting sick. I sent her some antibiotics home with my dad. I'm really hoping they help her over the weekend

N- Not sure why I didn't take any photos today- sorry about that!

O- Outside sits a new/very old camper that someone gave SJ. I'm totally hoping to turn it into one of those vintage campers I've been dreaming of forever. Not sure he will ever go for it but I think with work it's got a LOT of potential

P- Picked up more clothes for Anika that she bought off a girl she knows. Thinking she isn't going to need any new school clothes at this rate.

Q- Quiet...I'm craving peace and quiet. Having my hubby home all day is seriously new for me and it's way different

R- Really was hoping to do another vacation post for you today but it just isn't going to happen. I'm sorry :(

S- Sis has had a bad headache all evening. I'm hoping she feels better tomorrow

T- Thinking I should really run out and buy an IPhone so I can play this new Pokemon Game. Okay not really but I have been playing with Anika and I'll be the first to admit, it's so much fun.

U- Unsure of what I'm going to do to make Axle's day special tomorrow but I better be figuring it out fast.

V- Very excited for bed...such a wild life, I know

W- Wishing there wasn't so much uncertainty in my life right now. It scares me

X- I say it every time but X should not be a letter!!!!

Y- Yawning...ugh!!!

Z- Zipping off to bed now...night friends :(

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