Friday, June 24, 2016

Wild Weather and Stuff

Well I'm back and ready to update.

Wednesday was about as lame as Tuesday was. I was struggling to find a single bit of motivation. The kids and I stayed home literally all day long. Axle definitely wasn't happy about it. He thinks we should always go somewhere. We had strong storms in the forecast but we didn't get much other than a whole lot of rain. I did stop by the thrift store on my way to get groceries but it was a pretty dry run. I only ended up buying one top!

Thursday was a wild day all the way around. I took Annalee to the dr because she had ran a temp all night Wednesday night. He said it was her allergies/asthma and put her on steroids to open her up. Anika's friend Tasha came over to spend the night and we pretty much just all hung out the biggest part of the evening. I ordered out for dinner and we brought it home to eat. That evening the weather turned a bit rough so the girls and I went to Dad's to hang out. We rode out the many rounds of storms with him. We got home around 9 to find our garage had taken on some water but nothing was damaged. We were out of electric though up until about 11 pm. My kids hate when the electric is off. Their was lots of flooding around here but nothing like our neighbors in WV got. Those folks need prayers. There was lots of loss in their state including loss of life. A 4 year old was swept away by flood waters. Just so heartbreaking. Here's some photos that has been floating around my Facebook feed of their state. Just such devastation, so heart breaking.

Today the kids and I actually got out and about. I'm feeling much better, I guess the funk is over. We went and got the dog's medicine and then went birthday shopping for my Mom. Tomorrow is her birthday! It took up the biggest part of our day and then this evening we had Youth Group! It was a great time with some awesome kids!!!! I love our Youth Group. Tonight I actually got a few things sorted out for vacation and got the house cleaned up a bit. I'd say I'm back to normal or at least I hope.

Before I go, I'll share the very few photos I have! I'm going to do better with picture taking, I promise!

Have a good weekend friends!!!

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