Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekending and a New Week!!!!

So I've got a bit of catching up to do! I've successfully managed to post my daily lists but haven't blogged since Friday!

Saturday really was a very uninteresting day anyway. Anika was gone all day and night with my Mom. They went shopping at the mall. The kids and I stayed home all day and caught up on housework. My friend Rebekah stopped by for a bit but didn't stay long. The Hubs got off work a little early and done some yard work before the rain hit. I did manage to get my room almost decluttered which took quite awhile. Still a little work to be done in there but big progress was made! Saturday night Hubs had company over till late and I done pretty much nothing but fixed some breakfast for supper. It was definitely a slow paced day for us.

Sunday was a bit more eventful. The kids and I went to Church. My Daddy was Ordained as Decaon and it was such a blessing to be there and witness it.

After Church we had a Vacation Bible School Meeting. It's coming up quick. It was a short meeting and afterwards we all went to Cloud Nine to eat but unfortunately they were full so we had to go somewhere else. Not all was lost, I got this amazing photo! The view up there is fantastic!

We finally had dinner at Teaberries Cafe and it was delicious. There special was Chicken n Dumplings so that is what I opted for!

After Church we came home and just hung out. Hubby had been busy finishing up the yard work while we were gone. He worked out in his garage some and the kids played outside. I just took it easy!

Sunday evening the Hubby decided to take us all out to dinner. He was going to treat us to Mexican but it was closed. We ended up at Giovanni's which the kids didn't mind at all, they love the games.

The rest of our Sunday consisted of the Hubby and Kids sleeping and myself playing online for awhile! It was a great day though, no complaints from me!

Our Monday has been pretty uneventful as well. Honestly, I'm just feeling kind of blah lately. I don't know if it's because I'm not getting out enough or maybe I need the dosage on my medicine increased. I'm going to talk to my doctor about it.

The Hubby and I got out and about a few hours this morning. We went and looked at pop up campers and ended up buying one! I'm seriously excited about road tripping now!!! We should have it home in a few days. We also stopped at a farm place and Hubby looked at weedeaters and such! It was nice being out a little bit just the two of us. Makes me excited for Date Night this upcoming weekend.

Hubs did some work in his garage before he had to go work at his job! I fixed us some Sloppy Joe's, packed his bucket and then saw him off.

Anika and I did some straightening on the house while the kiddos played! They played inside awhile and then outside awhile! It was pretty hot out today so I just hung around here and relaxed till this evening. I worked on some road trip ideas, uploaded some photos and stuff like that!

This evening I took the kids to the park to play with Sophia and Benjamin. They had an awesome time  but they always do. Rebekah, Anika and I talked while they played and of course we refereed because isn't that what mom's do?

I'm now eating pizza that my daughter made! Both kids are bathed and will be going to bed soon. I've got a few things to do before heading that way myself! 

Tomorrow looks to be a pretty busy day and I'm not complaining!!!

Have a good week friends,

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