Saturday, June 25, 2016

Top 10 Saturday

It's Saturday and despite the fact that my camera tore up and my husband had to work, it's been a GREAT Day!!!!

Here's my Top 10 Things that made today great in no specific order

1. The sun has shined all day and it's been hot. Not a drop of rain in sight!

2. It's only 4 more days and we leave for vacation. I'm so ready!!! I've already started packing our clothes :)

3. My sweet Hubby thought of our boy today & stopped at a Yard Sale just to buy him these. Axle was one happy guy!!!!

4. It's almost July and that is one of my favorite months. I cannot wait!!!

5. I got the laundry under control today, the house cleaned up and some other bits and pieces of housework done. After the lazy week I've had, being productive has been a great thing.

6. It's my Mommy's Birthday and I got to spend the evening with her and my family. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing mother

7. My Lee seems to be feeling much better and I'm so thankful. I don't want sick babies on vacation.

8. I got my Birthday Presents from my parent's early today. I'm going to be gone on my birthday so they gave them to me today. One happy girl here.

New Shoes- In Love!!!!

Perfect Top for my upcoming Vacation

Garmin Activity Tracker
I've wanted one forever!!!!

9. A yummy meal for dinner- Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Mac n Cheese & Birthday Cake! Can't beat that

10. It's Saturday which means my hubs will be off work tomorrow :)

Hope you've had a Top 10 Day too friends!!!

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  1. Happy birthday to your mom! Looks like you almost shared a birthday with her. Great pictures. I like that top you got. So pretty. And the Garmin Activity Tracker? I might just have to steal that off of you. (just kidding)