Monday, June 13, 2016

Time flies when your having Fun!!!

I cannot believe it's Monday night and I'm just now sitting down to blog. I got all my list updated from this past weekend and posted. Now to tell you how our Weekend and Monday went.

Saturday was Date Night for the Hubby and I. We actually got out and about around 1:00. We decided to go camping for the night by ourselves. We had an absolutely amazing time. We threw up a tent, boat rode, had a delicious dinner and fished the night away. I swear I wish we could find time away like that more often. It truly was an amazing night and he enjoyed it as much as I did.

Sunday I slept till 11;00 am and it was glorious. No kids to wake up to or anything. The hubby fished while I slept. When I woke we loaded up camp and headed home. As much as a night away was, it was good to come home to our kiddos. The kids were all ready and waiting when we arrived. We promised them a day on the lake and so we delivered. They had a blast boating and swimming. The weather was in the 90's so it was a perfect lake day!

After we got home we all just relaxed until bedtime. It was a busy weekend.

Today I babysat for my friend Rebekah while she went to the baby doctor. The kids all played pretty well together considering there was four of them! I ended up losing my credit card and looked all darn day. By 5:00 this evening I was in sheer panic. I had to give up looking though because I had to teach Vacation Bible School.

The negative to teaching is that you don't get to take photos. I'm going to put Rebekah on photo duty tomorrow because  I got zero today. I'm teaching the 5-6 year old class and I had about 10 tonight. They all had a blast. Our lesson tonight was on Hope. We did a couple activities and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. Both my little one's ended up riding the church bus home because their papa is driving it this year. They were way excited about that.

Hubby was doing something to the boat when I got home. I guess he cut up some firewood this evening after work. I only got to speak to him a few minutes before he had to go to bed. He's on dayshift this week so I'll not be seeing him much.

I've spent my night looking over tomorrow's lesson and catching up on blogging and uploading photos. I think I'm all caught up now though!!!!

Hope y'all had a nice weekend and start to your week!!!


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