Thursday, June 23, 2016

Things on my Wishlist! List 23/30

1. A massage- Can you believe I've never had a professional massage?

2. Self Improvement Books- I've been wanting to start reading a few

3. A pedicure- My piggies need pampered

4. A new Camera- Mine has about bit the dust

5. A Basement or Storm Shelter- I HATE storms!!!

6. A vehicle with 3rd row seating or a Mini Van- Momma needs the room

7. A Pressure Cooker- One of the new "not dangerous" ones

8. A Bathing Suit- One that fits and I don't look like a busted can of biscuits in :)

9. A Study Bible- To better help me understand

10. New Dresses- For Church

11. A Map- Like a real map for travel planning

12. Heels- That I can actually walk in

13. A Tanning Bed- So I could get my relaxation on

14. A Pool- Okay this one is kind of for the kids

15. A Hot Tub- Located on my back deck I'm wanting

17. A Bigger Closet- Yes I already have the space, it just needs built

18. A Jetted Bathtub- Might as well dream big, right?

19. A Back Deck- To have cookouts on

20. A Vacation Home- Although I'll never have one

21. Jewelry- You know the fake fashion kind

22. An Erin Condren Planner- Or something similar

23. Stickers- For my new planner

24. A whole stash of great Ink Pens- I love to write

25. A new Laptop- Mine is so slow

26. Glasses- That I can actually see out of

27. A Deep Freeze- I need more room for food

28. A Dryer- Mine is making a racket...I wouldn't mind having a washer too

29. A Corner Kitchen Table- I need something small

30. Leather Furniture- Like the kind that doesn't peel and my kids won't ruin

31. Some Victoria Secret Active Wear- I'll never spend that much on myself though

32. Good Makeup- Not the Rite Aid stuff I currently buy

33. Bra's- Good one's with nice support

34. Netflix- For real :)

35. A Heated Blanket- For the winter months

36. A Jet Ski- Cause Anika loves them

37. A set of good Knives- Unlike mine that won't cut hot butter

38. A Steam Cleaner- Just to see how well they really do work

39. A Bicycle- For when we go camping and stuff

40. A Pedometer- To count my steps!!!

41. A new GPS- Mine is old as dirt

42. Good Cookbooks- Those that have stuff in them I actually want to make

43. A Full Length Mirror- In my room

44. A small Pistol- I'd feel much safer

45. Pajamas- Instead of my worn out shorts and tees

46. New Skillets- Mine are so old and they stick pretty bad

47. Muck Boots- For Winter time to wade around the snow in

48. Wellies- For when I want to be cute

49. A Stainless Grill- Although mine does work fine

50. A Hammock on a Stand- Cause I'd nap in the shade

Tomorrow's List:
50 Things About My Parent's

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