Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Things I Never Want to Do- List 22/30

1. Skydive- I can't even imagine jumping out of an airplane

2. Bungee Jump- Yeah a strap around my ankle just doesn't make me feel safe

3. Swim with Sharks- I've watched Jaws, no thank you!

4. Hold a Snake- Totally not my cup of tea

5. Eat Oysters- The smell literally makes me sick

6. Attend the Superbowl- I hate football

7. Zorbing- I'd totally smother to death

8. Be on Survivor or any similar show- I'd never ever survivie

9. Drive a motorcycle- I'm totally too unccordinated

10. Chase a tornado- I'm terrified of storms

11. Get a body piercing- Only my ears friends

12. Have dreadlocks- Anika tried it, looked like a rats nest

13. Speak in front of an audience- I'd panic and sound like a fool

14. Get divorced- I love being married and having a family

15. Travel to Space- Heck no!!!

16. Break a Bone- So far so good

17. Have a C-Section- I had all three natural and don't plan on having anymore but if I did, a C-Section would scare me

18. Lose my hair- I'd feel naked

19. Water Ski- It just looks difficult and painful when the skis hit you

20. Swim in a River- Rivers scare me for some odd reason

21. Dye my hair a funky color- I'm just too old

22. Be a Body Builder- I think too much is just nasty

23. Join the Military- I'm such a chicken

24. Pose Nude- Too fat for that junk

25. Give up soda- I'd just cry :(

26. See Bigfoot- How scary would that be

27. See a Ghost- Not even my loved ones

28. Live in a very cold place-  I hate Winter

29. Be a Mortician- Again, I'm a big chicken

30. Spend the night in a Haunted Place- You won't see me there

31. Walk on Glass- I like my feet thank you

32. Swallow Fire- Why would anyone want to do this?

33. Live back in the Old Days- I'm entirely too lazy for that kind of work

34. Take Chemo or Radiation- Although I might if I had no choice

35. Win the Lottery- Money changes people and I wouldn't want it to change me

36. Run for President- I would never want that much power

37. Be Famous- Fame equals no privacy and I like my privacy

38. Live in a big city- A small city would be fine though

39. See an execution- I couldn't handle watching someone die

40. Work fast food- I really don't think I'd have the patience for it

41. Go upside down in a plane- Those cute tricks aren't for this gal

42. Have a pet mouse or anything similar- Oh how I hate those little rodents

43. Ride a Bull- Those guys are too big for me

44. Attend Mardi Gras- One trip to New Orleans was enough for me

45. Go Hunting- Killing things isn't my thing. I do like eating them after their killed though

46. Own a Convertible- Way too dangerous for my blood

47. Be without Health Coverage- I stay too sick

48. Run a Race- I'm totally not a runner

49. Travel to third world countries- It would break my heart

50. Be a paramedic- I'd never sleep at night

Tomorrow's List: 50 Things on my Wishlist!

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  1. Ha! These are hilarious! That is a lot of things you don't want to do. I never really thought about it. I wonder how long my list would be. ;)