Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Last List 30/30

50 Thoughts For Today

1. It's Vacation Day and I am BEYOND excited. I can't wait till my Husband gets home so we can go

2. My son is worried to death I'm going to waste all the money before we leave. It's hilarious!

3. I can't believe I'll be turning 37 in a few days. I'll be 40 before you know it

4. I had a lady cut my grass this morning. She's one hard worker. I have no idea how women are so motivated.

5. I bought some donuts for breakfast this morning. It's going to be a busy day so donuts it is

6. I still need to pick up the Hubby's medicine for our trip. I should write that down like right now

7. Anika's killing me, she won't get her butt out of bed

8. I need a good hot shower but think I'll do everything else first today

9. I wonder if mommy wants to fix me dinner?

10. I'm so excited for Annalee and Axle's birthday parties. Planning will happen as soon as we get back

11. I can't believe summer is almost over for the kids. They go back to school August 10th. I think that is crazy early.

12. Speaking of school, I got to get some school shopping done

13. Anika seems to be walking better today. I'm glad her foot isn't giving her much trouble

14. I hope these dogs don't destroy my house while I'm gone. My daddy is going to take care of them for me

15. I'm sure going to miss Anika while we are gone. It will be fourteen days before I see her.

16. I'm really hoping for good weather on our trip. May the weather gods be with us

17. My friend Rebekah left to go home to Niagara Falls for a few weeks. I hope she has a great visit

18. My house is a wreck. It needs a good cleaning

19. My son has no concept of time

20. I bet SJ is standing on his head today at work. I'm sure he's ready for some time off

21. I saw where another mines (same company he works for) laid off today. I don't know what people are going to do

22. I need to make Anika paint my toes and fingernails again

23. I cannot for the life of me remember where I put the GPS

24. It stays so cold in my house. This window Air Conditioner is the bomb

25. There is a dive in movie tonight at our local pool. I hate for my kids to miss it :(

26. I still have to come up with a Youth Group lesson plan before I leave

27. Our neighbor is in the hospital. I hope he's okay

28. My brother in law has started coming back around after about 5 years. Boy he's seemed to change for the better. It's nice to have a relationship with him once again.

29. Anika's got big plans all week with Mom and the will be at the beach next week. One excited teenager

30. I still need to vacuum the truck out and it's so hot- ugh I dread it

31. Think I'll make spaghetti for lunch. It's easy!!!!

32. Can't wait to start my photo challenge for July. I love challenging myself

33. It's so nice having all my laundry done....that never happens

34. I'm hungry, guess I should cook

35. We have baby birds on our porch and they are pooping everywhere. I hope they leave the nest soon

36. I wish I could find my camera card...ugh

37. Annalee will not wear clothes for the life of her. It's a daily struggle

38. I'm so going to meet my 7,500 steps today- Go Me!!!!

39. Do you know how heavy cracked corn is? Very heavy, I just carried a bag

40. My husband should be proud of me, I have us totally prepared for this trip!!!!

41. Thinking about getting a job when school goes back. Just not sure yet

42. I can't wait to see where we watch fireworks at this year on the 4th of July. How fun is that?

43. Axle is mad at Anika because she isn't going with us. I guess when she moves out she will have to take him with her

44. I need to find me a cross body purse to take instead of my big bulky one. I know there is one around here somewhere

45. Maybe a backpack would be better than a cross body purse

46. I almost forgot to load the cereal for tomorrow morning. That would be bad

47. I've got a friend who is struggling so bad. Her mom passed recently and the her boss passed this week. She's heartbroken and top of it all she has no job now so she's stressed. I wish I could help her

48. Axle is moaning and groaning in hunger pain- he's so over dramatic

49. Lee just came thru the house in the cutest beach hat ever that her sissy gave her

50. If you don't mind, whisper a prayer for us to have safe travels



  1. Have a wonderful vacation. My prayers are with you. I can't wait to see the pictures when you get back.

  2. sad your lists are over. i liked reading them.
    have a safe trip.

  3. I remember when I used to do stuff like 30/30. There is no way I could do it now. I'm super impressed you made it through. And interesting posts too!
    Happy birthday (a few days early)! And don't be scared of 40. I just turned 40 and so far it is great!
    Have a great vacation! Don't go spending all your money! ;) hehe

  4. Just wanted to drop by and tell you I enjoy reading your blog. You seem like such a nice young woman! I'm 68 but still work and have no plans to retire. I was a SAHM for 31 years though so no hurry for you to work unless you have a need- the more you make, the more you spend and usually on things you don't really need or want! I like beng able to be generous myself and my kids are all doing very well. I have 2 girls and a boy also (well, 2 of them are older than you so maybe not boy/girl LOL).