Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Short and Sweet

It's Me Again

Yep, I'm playing catch up tonight because I didn't blog yesterday. I really have no excuse either except that I was too lazy.

Mom took the kids to the pool yesterday so Sis and I were home by ourselves all day long. It was quite nice. While I should go with Mom and the Babies, I really enjoy the downtime. Minor housework has been going on here but nothing more.

I've taught Vacation Bible School all week this week and it's been so rewarding but it's about wore me out! Two more days left though, I can do it!

Miss Annalee got her hair cut off and I mean off. It's super short now. I thought I might cry but she does look adorable. I can't believe how much older she looks.

I've really not got a lot to report tonight so I'll just leave you with a few photos.

Now I'm off to do some VBS planning before bed

Night Friends!

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  1. Annalee's hair is so cute! Just adorable! Have fun with VBS. It always wore me out too, but so much fun. And it's only a week.