Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Here is my Monday/Tuesday rundown. Still no photos, sorry!!!!

- Our Monday was pretty laid back. I was lazier than I should have been but still got some things accomplished.

- I managed to get out and get my hair trimmed and pick up a part for the Husband's weedeater even though I had to do it in a complete downpour.

- It rained cats and dogs here on and off all day- good for the gardens but bad for folks who are already struggling with flooding and such.

- Anika had two friends over and they just all hung out here in the house. One of them spent the night last night and one of them went home.

- Hubs got our air conditioner bolted down last night in the camper and I got all our blankets loaded and the camper cleaned up!

- I stayed up WAY too late last night and in return slept way too late this morning. I'm so going to break this vicious cycle as soon as vacation is over.

- Today the kids and I ran Rebekah some money up for her ultrasound. A friend and I went in half and scheduled her an ultrasound at one of those fancy places. Miss Rebekah is having a girl ;)

- I spent the majority of my day packing up stuff in the camper and gathering up stuff here in the house to take on vacation!

- I also moved my living room furniture out today and cleaned behind it all. This evening I met hubby at Dad's and we got our new (to us) living room suit. Mom and Dad bought a new one and we got their old one.

- This evening we had pizza place food for dinner and I went and bought some things we needed for our trip!

- Hubs spent his evening mounting the spare on the camper. He also tore my truck apart to change the transmission fluid. Unfortunately they gave him the wrong filter so it will have to wait till tomorrow.

- I did get Annalee's party invites sent out today. They are so cute!

- Packing and preparing, it's the theme around here.  We leave in 2 days!!!!!

Hope you all are having a great week


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