Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pictureless Post Again......

Since I once again have no photos for you today, I thought I'd try to keep your interest by doing an alphabet post. They are my favorite kind!

A is for Ankle- Anika sprained her ankle today pretty bad at McDonalds. She is now hobbling every where we go. She fell in a hole in the parking lot. It busted up her poor knee too.

B is for Bedtime- It's after midnight and I'm worn out tonight. As soon as I get this post typed, I'm going to bed.

C is for Clothes- I picked up some clothes today that Anika bought off a friend of hers. That is the common thing this year it seems. All the girls are listing their clothes and buying off each other.

D is for Dinner- Dinner tonight consisted of Bacon, Pinto Beans and Fried Potatoes. Axle so enjoyed it. Bacon is his favorite.

E is for Excited- Tomorrow we leave for vacation!!!!!

F is for Final- Tomorrow I will post my final list in my 30 day list challenge. I can't believe I successfully did it for 30 days. It was so much fun.

G is for Goals- It's time for a Goals Update

June 2016 Goals

* Get up with Hubby before work everyday
(Didn't happen, just too early so I decided to change it to pack his bucket and lay his stuff out)
That was VERY succesful

*Date Night
(This happened- We went camping alone and it was amazing)

*Trim/Dye my Hair
(Happy to report, both were completed)

*Take my kids somewhere overnight by myself
(Nope, didn't happen)

*Declutter my Room
(This about 1/2 happened)

*Fix Annalee's Room
(This happened and she LOVES it)

*Visit Christie
(Massive Fail)

*Email my Aunt
(Another massive fail)

*Attend VBS
(We attended every night and I even taught a class)

*Attend Dad's Ordination
(I was so proud of him and we celebrated with dinner afterwards)

*Get Permit Paper for Anika
(Yep, I got it)

*Pay Pool Deposit
(Didn't do because Axle now says he doesn't want a pool party)

*Play with Water balloons
(Sadly we didn't do this)

*Go Swimming with Mom
(Mom and the kids went but I never did)

*Visit Natural Bridge
(Another thing that didn't happen)

*Go to the Beach Area at the lake
(We did and it was so fun)

*Do a month of Lists
(Yes, final one will post tomorrow)

*Do June Photo  Books
(I've given up on this- just don't have the time)

*Have a Yes Day
(Nope, didn't happen)

*Eat Icees
(This did happen and they were awesome)


* Continue getting Hubby ready for work
* July Date Night
* Go Thrifting
* Buy a few magazines I enjoy
* Do a massive closet purge with my clothes
* Hang and Organize the kids clothes to prepare for back to school
*Visit Christie
* Email Millie
* Attend Church when I'm home on Sunday's
* Continue helping with Youth Group
* Successfully host Lee and Ax's Birthday Parties
* Start planning Christmas Vacation
* Enjoy Vacation
* Go swimming with Mom
* Do July Photo Challenge
* Try new Recipes
* Have a YES day
* Take the kids for a walk

H is for Happy- My Anika went for her permit today (finally) and passed it. She was proud and I was so happy for her!!!! I now have a driver!

I is for Indecisive- Axle has changed party locations on me for his birthday. I have no clue what theme I'll go with now.

J is for Justin- He is my cousin and just announced to us he's planning a surprise engagement for his girlfriend. It will be interesting to see what he has up his sleeve.

K is for Kids- They are standing on their heads waiting on vacation time to roll around. I hope they have a great time.

L is for List- I need to make a list of what I need to do tomorrow but I'm just too tired. I guess I'll wing it!

M is for Mom- Mom returned home from her overnight trip in Lexington today. I was glad to have her home safe and sound.

N is for Noses- All three of my kids have runny noses and sound icky. I'm hoping it's just allergies

O is for Old- I'll be turning 37 years old on the 8th of July. How is that even possible?

P is for Packed- Most everything is packed and ready to go tomorrow. I just have a few finishing touches to do! It's nice to feel prepared

Q is for Quiet- It's so quiet in my house right now, everyone is sleeping but me

R is for Ready- Hubby got the truck ready today. It's got new tires, a fresh transmission oil change and motor oil change & the ac should be working tomorrow evening!

S is for Steps- I've exceeded my 7,500 steps goal for the past two days. I'm loving this activity tracker

T is for Thankful- Very thankful to be in a position to take a vacation this year

U is for Uncle- My Uncle brought us two brand new rolls of carpet today he had gotten off his neighbor. I can't wait to get them put down

V is for Visit- Our friend Bobby who had a heart attack last month stopped by to visit today. He's looking so much better

W is for Writing- I bought a writing tablet to journal our trip. I cannot wait to tell you guys all about it

X- Should not be a letter!!!!

Y is for Yesterday- I borrowed mom's camera yesterday and will be taking it with me so I will be bombarding you all with photos

Z is for Zero- It's zero minutes till I go to bed 

Goodnight :)

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  1. Hope you have an awesome vacation. Can't wait to hear about it.