Tuesday, June 21, 2016

No Motivation!!!

We have been rather lazy the past two days so not much to share. I'll give ya what I got though!

A- Axle and Annalee have been Go Kart riding fools lately. They ride everyday before their daddy goes to work.

B- Bought myself some peach pop today. It takes me back to the days that me and papa used to walk across the road to the old gas station and buy me Nehi Peach Pop in the glass bottles. Sweet Memories!

C- Can't wait till Vacation- 9 days left!!!!!

D- Don't know why but I've been extremely lazy and unmotivated this week. We haven't even hardly left the house. I'm blaming it on PMS!

E- Early this morning Annalee woke up coughing. It was a bad sounding cough but she hasn't done it all day. I'm hoping she isn't trying to get sick on me.

F- Feeling kind of bad that that the kids have been cooped up for 2 days. Maybe I'll take them somewhere tomorrow.

G- Got quite a bit of laundry done these last two days so that is a plus

H- Having a hard time deciding on Lee's Birthday Party theme. Here's what I'm considering, you let me know what you think.

I- I've decided on Axle's Party Theme. He's having a fishing party!!!!

J- Just can't seem to get my sleep schedule on track the last few weeks. Thinking I need to get out more and take might night medicine again. It's a constant struggle!

K- Kind of excited for the upcoming weekend. It's a double birthday celebration this weekend

L- Living off Motrin this week. The cramps are yucky, especially the leg cramps

M- Missing my husband being home. I despise 2nd shift

N- Not really looking forward to the storms tomorrow. Some are supposed to be severe and even tornado chances. I hate storms!

O- Organized the bar a little today. It looks much better. I swear it catches all the junk and clutter we have

P- Praying for a family friend's family. Sherry lost her battle to cancer but left behind an amazing testimony. I know they are all struggling with having to let her go.

Q- Quitting smoking has crossed my mind a few times the last two days. I wish I could just make myself do it.

R- Ready for bed...think I'll go after I finish this post. I'm tired tonight

S- Supposed to take Anika to try for her permit tomorrow but I think she's already trying to back out

T- Thinking about all the things I need to do. I guess I need to do a "brain dump" and get it out of my head and onto paper.

U- Usually burning up in this house but that new window unit does the trick. It's freezing cold in here all the time. Almost too cold!

V- Very sorry that this post is so boring and has no photos. I'll do better tomorrow, promise!

W- Would love to get in a walk tomorrow. Might put that on my list!

X- X-tra sad that Anika's not going on vacation with us. I won't see her for 14 days. I might go withdrawls!

Y- Yep that does it for me friends. It's all I got tonight!

Z- Headed to catch my Zzz's- Night Night

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  1. Oh my, you sound like me. At least you are blogging. I'm not even doing that. *sigh* Friday is the anniversary of my dad's death and I think that is getting me down. So glad to hear you are going on vacation and can't wait to see pictures. I choose the art theme for Annalee's party. There is SO much you can do with it.