Thursday, June 9, 2016

List 9/30 Quotes I LOVE!!!

1. I try too 

 2. Balance- It's a real struggle for me
3. We only know what people reveal

4. Jealousy- we are all guilty of it

5. Don't lose YOU!!!!

6. Follow your heart :)

7. Pray- I need to do it much more

8. Truth

9. Reminds me of my daddy

10. Anger will eat you alive

11. Disappointment sucks :(

12. Live for NOW!!!!

13. All about perspective 

14. Dream Big

15. Don't let time slip away

16. You just gotta sometimes

17. Unique is Beautiful 

18. It's all planned

19. YES!!!!

20. I'm so guilty of this

21. Baby Steps

22. Spread that stuff everywhere

23. Worrying is useless

24. Isn't that the truth!!!

25. Focus- It's all about your focus

26. We have the ability to create our lives

27. Always say yes!

28. It shall pass

29. All at one time

30. You got to take care of you

31. Why I love to travel

32. Change :)

33. I have to constantly remind myself of this

34. Always by my side

35. Truly LIVE!!!!!

36. Moments are forever in our mind

37. Silence is golden

38. It just does

39. Give it to God!!!

40. Seize the moment

41. I am getting stronger

42. Describes me perfectly

43. If it didn't matter it wouldn't hurt

44. Hard Lesson to learn

45. Choices-  make them wisely

46. They matter the most

47. Never Give UP!!!!!

48. Sometimes it's easier to move on

49. You can't get back time

50. One day I will know this to be the truth!!!!!!

Tomorrow's List- Things I need to Do!!!

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