Wednesday, June 8, 2016

List 8/30- Things from my Childhood!

1. The Glo Worm- wasn't this the cutest-ugliest little thing you ever saw!!!

2. T-Shirt clips! I seriously thought I was so cool when I wore these

3. Mario Brothers- I spent many late nights playing this game!

4. Cabbage  Patch Kids- I actually won a Cabbage Patch Kid look alike contest once. How corny is that?

5. Skip It- Um, talk about wearing you out but SO FUN!!!!!

6. Alf- This was actually my nickname. I loved Alf

7. ET- Who didn't watch it in the 80's

8. Jelly Shoes- I owned A LOT of these!!!!

9. PeeWee Herman- I can't believe I watched  this dork!

10. Pogo Ball- I had several and frankly they was a blast!

11. PacMan- My most favorite game EVER!!!!

12. Lisa Frank- I owned Lisa Frank EVERYTHING!!!!

13. NKOTB- Can you say Love Struck?

14. Married with Children- One of the funniest shows ever

15. Strawberry Shortcake- She smelled so good!

16. Dare- Just say NO to drugs!!!

17. Trapper Keepers- I got a new one every year!!!

18. Fraggle Rock- These guys was so cool

19. Double Dare- The only show I ever wanted to be on

20. Donkey Kong- Another game I played on the regular

21. Dirty Dancing- I can still quote the entire movie

22. The Smurfs- My every Saturday morning cartoon!!!!

23. Bubble Necklaces- Bubbles at your fingertips!!!

24. Full House- Best Show Ever!!!!

25. Slouch Socks- Owned a pair in every color!!!!!

26. Madonna- She was so edgy

27. Rainbow Brite- So colorful and fun :)

28. Popples- It's a ball, no it's a stuffed animal :)

29. Puppy Surprise- Because it was so fun to see how many babies you got!!!!

30. This Roller Thing- Going downhill was a flippin' blast!!!!

31. Lite Brite- Endless hours of creativity

32.  View Master- I have no clue what the appeal was!!!!

33. Simon- A machine smarter than me

34. Nintendo Gameboy- Ah, so fun!!!

35. The Walkman- Best Invention Ever!!!

36. Mr. Frosty- I loved making yummy slushies!!!

37. 3D Glasses- Look how goofy these things were but yet I loved them

38. Big Keyboards- My papa bought me one and I never could play!!!!!

39. Giant Camcorders- I remember mommy following me around with one of theses things

40. Bazooka Gum- Need I say more?

41. Dying your shoes to match the dress- So Lame!!!!

42. Candy Cigarettes- Talk about thinking your cool

43. Jelly Bracelets- Hundreds on each arm!!!!

44. Disney Movies- The good one's

45. Slap Bracelets- I mean why not

46. See thru phone- I was in love with mine!!!!

47. Perfection- The most never wrecking game in history

48. Squeeze It's- Mom always kept a refrigerator full

49. Popsicles- The way they should be made

50. Frankenberries- My morning breakfast

Tomorrow's List- 50 Favorite Quotes!!!!

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  1. Wow! This brought back so many good memories. We must have lived parallel lives!