Monday, June 6, 2016

List 6/30- Things about Me

1. I'm just in my late 30's but some days I feel 90. On the other hand, some days I feel 19.

2. My shoulder hurts me a lot and bad. It's an old injury from a car accident I was in

3. I visit TN (Gatlinburg area) at least once a year, sometimes more. I love it there

4. I have horrible teeth due to a childhood dentist I had. Thanks a lot Dr. Boyd

5. I dye my hair often...normally out of a box though because I'm cheap

6. My eyesight is so bad and glasses don't help. I'm literally pretty much blind at night especially when driving

7. I can be hateful, it's just my nature

8. I look like my granny, I act like her too

9. I used to hate chocolate but now not so much. I eat it almost everyday

10. I never drink water and I mean never

11. I'm a list fanatic- for real

12. I roll my eyes and it's not cute. It used to be the one thing I did that irritated my mom more than anything else when I was younger

13. I'm dark complected. I take it after my daddy.

14. I collect nothing- is that odd?

15. I hate shaving and wear jeans more in the summer than I want to because I'm too lazy to shave

16. I have a belly bulge and despise it but I'm blaming it on having kids

17. I smoke like a freight train- worst habit ever

18. I love loud music, bars and yummy drinks- it's just a scene that appeals to me

19. I love quotes and my pinterest board is full of them- inspiration!

20. I'm scared of Haunted Houses and Mice!!!!

21. Heights bother me more than they used to although I still do high things!

22. I'm not a fan of swimming and no idea when I really quit enjoying it

23. I despise snow and winter- it causes me severe depression

24. If I could be anything I'd either be a Criminal Psychologist, Teacher or Real Estate agent. Wide variety there huh?

25. I worked at the Dollar Store once and it was my favorite job. It was also my lowest paying. I'm totally a people person though.

26. I hate pictures of myself

27. I'm an only child and a lot of responsibility goes along with that. Sometimes I hate it.

28. I'd love to move but probably never will

29. I talk fast and with a thick accent. Most people away from here has trouble understanding me

30. Seeing someone cry makes me angry. I think it's because it makes me feel helpless

31. I take medicine for anxiety, depression and sleep. It helps so much

32. I still have a lot of survivor's guilt from an accident I was in

33. I make schedules for everything but can't seem to ever stick to them. Structure is NOT my strong point and my kids thrive on it

34. I'm an only grandchild on my daddy's side

35. I cannot do algebra at all. I can't make numbers from letters. It's impossible for me

36. I love deeply- sometimes too deeply

37. I second guess myself constantly and I hate it. It makes me feel immature

38. I love naps- I truly do

39. I am NOT a morning person no matter how hard I try and trust me I do try

40. I drive a truck with no air conditioner and don't even mind it

41. I'm not a girly girl- although I wish I was sometimes

42. I daydream and wish a lot

43. I hate watermelon and only very rarely like icecream

44. I suck at budgeting and paying bills. Don't believe me, ask my husband

45. I'm very unorganized except when it comes to journaling

46. I've been saved and baptized but I was very young

47. I had a pretty perfect childhood- Truth!!!!

48. I hate McDonalds- I mean HATE IT

49. I don't have a cell phone and really don't want one

50. I have never cut grass and never intend to

Tomorrow's List- Things that Make me Happy!!!

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