Sunday, June 5, 2016

List 5/30- What I'm Thankful For

1. My children- literally every single day I thank God for them. They truly are my heart

2. My Husband, even with all the ups and downs. I've been married to him for 17 year and he IS my rock

3. My Parents- God truly blessed me with two of the most amazing parents ever. I could not have been luckier

4. Extended Family- Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. Our family has always been very close and I know I'm never alone in this world as long as I have them.

5. Memories- Of my grandparent's, friends, etc. All we really have once one passes is those precious memories

6. Wonderful Educators- My kids have been blessed with some amazing educators and for this I'm very thankful

7. Health- Not only my own health but the health of my kids and family

8. The opportunity to stay at home- Although it's tiring and stressful at times, I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with my  kids

9. My Husband's Job- It has provided nicely for us for many years and in a time where coal is almost  non existant, I feel extremely blessed that he is still working

10. Friends- Each of those that I consider friends brings something amazing to my life!

11. Church Family- I feel so welcomed and a sense of belonging every time I walk through those doors

12. Date Nights- Although rare, I appreciate them so much when they do happen

13. Faith and the hope that there is something bigger than what meets the eye

14. My medication- it truly does help me see the world more clearly

15. My doctor- I trust him, I like him and I respect him

16. Neighbors- I don't give this one enough thought but I'm truly surrounded by some great people

17. Traveling and the opportunities we get to experience new things

18- Prayer and the peace I get from praying

19. A home- it's not a mansion but it's ours and it's filled with love

20. Heat and Air when needed

21. Hot Baths when I just need to unwind

22. Food and never being hungry

23. A car to get me to and from

24. Sleep and Naps!!! It just does a body good

25. Getting emotionally stronger- it's such a blessing

26. Photos to capture all those precious moments

27. The internet and it's wealth of information

28. The scenery here in the hills of Kentucky- it's just breathtaking

30. Writing- It's truly my outlet

31. Conversation- I love to talk and nothing beats good conversation

33. Pinterest- It's a lifesaver sometimes

34. Bucketlists- They remind me of all the possibilities this world has to offer

35. Celebrations- I love celebrating with those I love

36. A Washer and Dryer because I've done the laundromat thing and I don't enjoy it

37. Every single breath I take

38. Forgiveness because I'm far from perfect

s39. Change- It keeps life interesting

40. Being Busy- It forces me to live in the present

41. Love- It's the most amazing feeling in the world

42. Gospel Music- It makes my heart smile

43. Lists to keep me on track

44. Walking- It's a natural stress reliever

45. Planning- It's one of my favorite things to do

46. Our small community and how we all come together when someone is in need

47. The numerous amount of people I have met that has impacted my life in one way or another

48. Weekends and Fun Times as a family

49. Thrift Stores that keep my shopping habits under control

50. Jesus because without him I am nothing

Tomorrow's List:  50 Facts About ME!!!!

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