Saturday, June 4, 2016

List 4/30- Things I'd do if Money were no Object

Gosh talk about day dreaming!!!

1. I'd pay my parent's out of debt first and foremost. Then I'd give them enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their entire life.

2. I'd put away college money for all three of my children in case they decided to attend

3. I'd open up a teen shelter here in our county. Somewhere teens could hang out in the evenings and at night when they had a rough home life.

4. I'd invest money into our county...I'm thinking Roller Skating Rinks, Ziplining, etc. Things to draw in some tourism.

5. I'd buy houses and have someone fix them up for me, then I'd flip them

6. I'd put my kids in a private school once they hit middle school age

7. I'd buy a houseboat and we would spend our summer's living on the lake

8. I'd also buy a beach house because we need options ya know!!!

9. Oh and we love Gatlinburg, so I'd probably buy us a cabin in the mountains too

10. I'd fix a professional garage for my hubby so he could be his own boss and do mechanic work. It's what he loves

11. I'd build a new home but nothing luxurious

12. I'd install an underground pool in said new home

13. I'd also have an amazing back patio area complete with hot tub and firepit

14. I'd drive a top of the line luxury van

15. Hubby would be driving his choice of vehicle

16. Anika would be driving her choice too

17. I'd have a Thuderbird Convertible just to cruise around in because I love them

18. I'd donate a huge sum to our Church

19. I'd buy an amazing RV and we would travel the country until we saw everything we wanted too

20. I'd also start traveling internationally and seeing the world

21. I would have a professional housekeeper

22. I'd also have a professional chef

23. We would own a fast boat

24. We would also own three jet skis

25. I would shop a lot for myself, my family and my Mother

26. I'd help out some family members and friends

27. I'd also donate items to our schools that we are in such desperate need of

28. I'd have to buy the Hubby a new UTV

30. I'd also have to fund his cabin on the hill he's always wanted to build

32. I'd start up Anika a No Kill Shelter and let her run it because it's what she is passionate about

33. I'd have Annalee a custom playhouse built

34. I'd let Axle start motorcycle racing professionally

35. I'd buy my dad and mom a pontoon boat

36. I'd hire my mom a professional gardener/landscaper

37. I'd buy my Uncle a new boat

38. I'd send mom and dad on a month long trip to Alaksa

39. I'd build Anika a small  house next to mine so she didn't have to leave home

40. I'd take Anika to Hawaii for her graduation gift

41. I'd donate to St. Jude's

42. I'd also donate to Alzheimers Research

43. I'd buy Hubby the Great Dane he's always wanted

44. I'd spend vacations with ALL my family on my dime

45. I'd repay my Uncle for all he's done for me

46. I'd get someone to do my hair every single day because I suck at it

47. I'd hire someone to show me how to do my makeup

48. I'd get a LOT of massages

49. I'd pay for Sis to travel to pursue her journalism career

50. I'd give to anyone who needed it because that is just who I am

Tomorrow's List
50 Things I'm Thankful For

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