Friday, June 3, 2016

List 3/30- Things I've done in my lifetime!!!

1. I got married at 19 years old and have stayed married for 17 year!

2. I had three kids, two with no pain medication

3. I've quit numerous jobs

4. I've slept on a boat under the stars

5. I've went zip lining and would do it a million times again!!!

6. I took swimming lessons and even conquered the high dive

7. I've rode on the back of a horse, camel and elephant

8. I've went swimming in the ocean, several of them actually

9. I've been a flower girl and bridesmaid in a wedding but never a Maid of Honor

10. I've had a pet dog, cat, fish, bird, rabbit, goat and duck. Not at the same time of course

11. I've flew in a helicopter twice

12. I've traveled by subway and didn't enjoy it

13. I've modeled as a manequin in the mall...back in my younger days

14. I've went berry picking in the hills in the back of a truck

15. I've seen a counselor, psychologist and psychiatrist

16. I've been stupid drunk a few times

17. I've been in two major car accidents

18. I've said goodbye to my best friend- my granny.  Hardest day ever

19. I've soaked in a jacuzzi tub multiple times

20. I've owned Coach Shoes

21. I graduated High School

22. I've been baptized

23. I've caught a big fish- once or twice

24. I've saw a sunrise and sunset

25. I almost died in NYC- okay I'm exaggerating a little

26. I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge

27. I've rode on the back of a Harley

28. I've rode on a Jet Ski

29. I've attempted skating and I'm horrible at it

30. I've served as a Girl Scout Leader

31. I've been an angel in a Christmas Play

32. I've been snow tubing

33. I've been kissed under fireworks

34. I've written my name in the sand

35. I've been in gymnastics

36. I've lived in my car- only temporarily

37. I've  visited several states

38. I've ate Authentic Chinese food

39. I've wrecked a car over a mouse

40. I've caught fireflies and used their lights to make my nails glow- animal cruelty I'm sure

41. I've rode an upside down roller coaster and scared myself to death

42. I've climbed to the top of a lighthouse

43. I've attended Church Camp for 2 days and then cried till mom came got me

44. I drove a standard shift- only once in my life though

45. I've played in the mud

46. I've had a pen pal

47. I've took photos on a railroad track

48. I've saw a shooting star

49. I've attended too many funerals

50. I've slid off a water slide on a house boat!

Tomorrow's List- 50 Things I'd do if Money Were No Object!!!!

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