Monday, June 27, 2016

List 27/30 50 Places I have Visited

1. Kings Island- Perfect for older kids and adults. Tons of coasters if your into thrill rides

2. Savannah Georgia- I loved Savannah but probably wouldn't return. It's one of those places I'd love to live however there isn't a lot to see/do there.

3. Tybee Island- Beautiful beach and so glad I got to see it. Again, I probably wouldn't return but it's definitely worth a one time visit.

4. Gulf Shores Alabama- Unfortunately there was a red flag warning while we were in Gulf Shores so I can't tell you much about it. The area was nice though.

5. Natural Bridge KY- I've been here a few times because it's fairly close. They have a scary sky lift. The bridge is really cool to see. I'll definitely be returning at some point I'm sure

6. Sea World, Orlando- I cannot rave enough about it. I love everything about Sea World and would love to take Axle and Lee to see it.

7. Dauphin Island, Alabama- I would put this on a MUST VISIT list. This place is just gorgeous, very uncrowded and one of the best places we have been.

8. Stone Mountain, Georgia- Another amazing place! So much to do and kid friendly as well. I'd like to spend some more time exploring there.

9. Gatlinburg, TN- To me Gatlinburg is more of an adults area. It's small and walkable, great food and lots of drinks!

10. Peigon Forge, TN- This area is much more kid friendly. From Go Karts, Dinner Shows and a gazillion other tourist attractions, it's a great area. You better have a pocket full of money though.

11. Dixie Stampede- Excellent Show and Excellent food. Well worth the price of admission

12. New Orleans, LA- Believe it or not, I didn't enjoy New Orleans. Just not my vibe. We spent a day there and moved on.

13. Daytona Beach, FL- I'm on the fence here. Great New Years Eve Block Party, nice area but hate the beach. Has hard sand and vehicles driving on the beach just aren't my thing.

14. Carter Caves, KY- Small State Park located near my house. Pretty nice cave tours, nice nature area, horseback riding and other fun outdoors things to do

15. Ripley's Believe it or Not- Waste of money in my opinion

16. Wonderworks- Again, waste of money

17. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, KY- Nice for a stop and see. Not a lot to do but the Falls are very pretty

18. Virginia Beach- I really loved Virginia Beach. Must less touristy than Myrtle Beach but a great area! I'd definitely return

19. Comedy Barn, TN- Great family friendly show. Would love to take my two little one's back

20. Bristol, TN- If racing is your thing, Bristol rocks. Small track, great views of entire track!!!!

21. Gatorland, FL- LOVED Gatorland. Could spend an entire day there. Must see on a Florida trip. Another place I'd revisit

22. Time Square, NYC- Time Square is seriously the place to be. I could just sit and people watch there for endless hours.

23. Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio- It's a nice zoo but not very shaded! Lots of cool animals. The kids got bored pretty quickly though.

24. Great Wolf Lodge, TN- Visited once, super expensive. The indoor water park is fabulous!!!! Food on site so you don't even have to leave the hotel.

25. Chattanooga, TN- One of my favorite places. I'd love to live in Chattanooga. Great free park and sprayground in the summer too.

26. Myrtle Beach, SC- I LOVE Myrtle Beach. Yes it's a tourist trap but I don't care. It's got such a fun and laid back vibe. The hotels and campgrounds are awesome too!!!!

27. Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies- If you visit the Smoky Mountains it's a MUST DO!!!! Huge and definitely worth the admission price

28. Dollywood, TN- Dollywood is nice but geared more towards adults in my opinion. Not sure I'd visit again. Very expensive!

29. Hillbilly Hot Dogs, WV- Featured on Food Network. Food is okay but the environment is amazing :)

30. KY Horse Park, KY- I went during Christmas and definitely plan on going back. Gorgeous light display and so much to do. My kids had a blast.

31. Rock City, TN- A MUST VISIT!!!! It is gorgeous, kid friendly and a great walk! I'd definitely recommend it!

32. Incline Railway, TN- The incline railway was so much fun. Definitely worth the price of admission!!!

33. Cafe du Monde, New Orleans- My favorite place in New Orleans, so good!!!!!

34. Rainforest Cafe, SC- Loved the setting. Great for kids. Very expensive and the food is horrible!

35. Planet Hollywood, SC- This place rocked. Great food, great setting...loved it all

36. Camden Park, WV- We go once a year or more. Small amusement park, perfect for little kids!

37. Breaks of the Mountains State Park- BORING!!!!! Nothing to do. Some pretty views but otherwise nothing there. I haven't been since they put in the new waterpark though so it might be better

38. Louisville Zoo, KY- I actually really like the Louisville Zoo. Not only does it have animals but it also has a great children's area

39. Kentucky Kingdom, KY- Pretty cool place. Lots of rides and a nice waterpark. Would definitely return.

40 Beach Waterpark, Ohio- MUST do in my opinion. Awesome waterpark

41. Winterplace, WV- Went snow tubing here and had an absolute blast. Would love to go back

42. Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge- Such a cool experience. Driving under the ocean is a must do in my book!!!

43. Ponce de Leon Lighthouse, FL- One of the most amazing things! Great grounds. Climb to the top is difficult but so worth it.

44. Build A Bear Workshop- If you have kids and haven't visited a Build A Bear, your missing out

45. Cherokee, NC- I love Cherokee. It's small (although it's grown). It's a great place to walk, shop, visit attractions, etc. Must see an Indian show!

46. Broadway at the Beach, SC- It's a fun area with lots of things to do and places to eat. Definitely worth a stop in.

47. Mount Trashmore Park, VA- A MUST do with kids. The most amazing park I've ever seen plus plenty of places for adults to sit :)

48. Bob Evans Festival, Ohio- We love this festival. It's so fun for adults and kids. It's good old fashioned fun plus almost everything is FREE including horseback rides and kids rides. Look it up, you should definitely go!

49. Family Kingdom, SC- A great place for kids but kind of pricey. We spent a few hours here and the kids had a great time

50. Ride the Ducks- We done this in Georgia and if you've never rode an amphibious vehicle, you should. It was a blast.

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