Saturday, June 25, 2016

List 25/30 Trends I Don't Get

1. Winged Eyeliner and it's my Daughter's favorite

2. Fruit Carved Sculptures- Have you seen It? It's Weird

3. Energy Drinks, Shots, Etc- So unhealthy and expensive

4. Plastic Surgery- Totally not for me

5. Electric Cars- Plugging in my car, no thanks!!!

6. Starbucks- Yuck and Expensive although I bet lots would disagree

7. Grand Theft Auto- Just a horrible game

8. Kids and Tutus- My Annalee would hate it. Too bulky for her liking

9. Dying your hair Grey/Silver- Don't that come soon enough?

10. Vegan- I could NOT do without my meat

11. Converse- Never ever liked them....not even back in the day

12. Cabinets without Doors- How could anyone keep stuff that organized?

13. Glamping- Either you camp or don't. It looks luxurious but really?

14. G-String Bathing Suits- Nobody needs to see that much of you in public

15. Goth Look- It's just sad and depressing looking

16. Stretched Ears- I mean, ouch!

17. Video Taping Childbirth- I just don't understand why anyone would want to watch that

18. Chain Letters- People would believe anything

19. Compost Bins- I know it's good for the Earth but it kinda grosses me out

20. Trash Compactors- I'd be terrified I'd get my finger stuck and cut off

21. All things Personalized- It's cute but enough is enough

22. Taking Cursive Writing out of Schools- Uh why?

23. Star Wars- I so don't get the fascination with it

24. Animal Cremation and Funerals- I like my animals, I don't like them that well

25. Weight Loss Pills- All that stuff doesn't replace hard work

26. Body Piercings- It just appears painful to me

27. Stiletto Shoes- Pretty yes, comfortable no

28. White Ink Tattoos- You can't see them so what is the point

29. Pet Pigs- Pigs should be outdoors...end of discussion

30. Gay Pride Stuff- I don't sport Straight Pride Stuff....what's the difference

31. The phrase "same"- It's a teenage thing and so annoying

32. Texting- Just call me please

33. Instagram- I'm just not into all that jive. Facebook is time consuming enough

34. Snap Chat- See above

35. American Girl Dolls- Ridiculously overpriced

36. Spray Tans- They just don't look natural or at least not the one's I've saw

37. The Kindle and like devices- Give me a real book anyday

38. Electronic Calendars- I'm so old school. Paper and pen for me please

39. Water Births- I would be so uncomfortable

40. Baggy Pants- I'd be pulling them up all day long

41. Airbrushed Makeup- I tried it, it didn't work for me

42. Stand Up Paddleboarding- It might be fun for like 5 minutes

43. Cloth Diapers- It just seems so time consuming (and messy)

44. Extreme Couponing- You might save money but you give up a ton of time

45. Toe Socks- OMG that would drive me bonkers

46. Adult Footed Pajamas- Let's just leave those for the kids, shall we?

47. Camoflauge- It should be used for hunting clothes only

48. Storm Chasing- Can you say insane?

49. Facebook Venting- Some things should be kept personal

50. Fannie Packs- No, No and Just No!!!!!

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  1. I'm with you on about 45 out of the 50. Some things are just ridiculous! I do love my kindle though.