Thursday, June 2, 2016

List 2/30- Fifty Places I'd love to See (United States)

50 Places I'd love to see and trust me this is just a tip of the iceberg!

1. Grand Canyon- I'd love to visit here with my children...I hear it's one of the most amazing sights in the world!

2. Hawaii- Stairway to Heaven- Does this need any explanation?

3. St. Louis Arch- No idea why I want to see the Arch but I always have!

4. Vegas- I hear Vegas can be very kid friendly but I'd not complain about a couple's weekend in Vegas either :)

5. Walt Disney World- I have never been nor have my children. Everyone should experience that kind of magic!

6. Niagara Falls- Another God made beauty that I'm dying to see!

7. Grandfather Mountain- A mile high swinging that is awesome! It's one of those places I found online a few years back and have wanted to visit ever since!

8. Colorado- I can't even choose a specific place in Colorado because the entire State looks absolutely amazing! I'd love to do a complete Colorado Road Trip :)

9. San Antonio Riverwalk- This is just another one of those places that call my name!

10. Cedar Point- I actually just want to take Anika here. She's wanted to go forever and we have never made it!

11. Central Park- We actually visited NYC but never made it to Central Park so on a return visit it would be at the top of my to do list!

12. Opryland Hotel- More specifically, I want to visit here during the Christmas Season! They say it is amazing!!!

13. Key West- I'd love to do a few days with the husband in the Florida Keys!!!

14. Yosemite- Because duh, it would have to be breathtaking!

15. Chicago Skydeck- What a rush that would be! I can only imagine how gorgeous the city view is!

16. Mall of America- Not even to shop, just to experience it. My Mom went several years ago and said it was just amazing :)

17. Stone Mountain- We actually stopped here for a day on a road trip. It was awesome and I'd love to spend a weekend camping there. We just didn't have time to do and see all we wanted to!

18. Assateague Island- To see those gorgeous wild ponies!!!!

19. Acadia National Park- Um, no explanation should be needed. I can only imagine how beautiful it is!

20. Duquesne Incline- I hear the view of Pittsburgh is astonishing!

21. West Virginia Exhibition Coal Mine- My husband works underground so I'd love to go here with my kids. It's an underground tour of an actual coal mine!

22. Norris Lake- I saw these floating houses out on this lake years ago and have been dying to vacation in one ever since!!!

23. Golden Gate Bridge- I love Bridges and this one is iconic. Just gorgeous!

24. Ocean City- Because a beach and a Boardwalk always make me happy!!!

25. Cape Cod- I mean seriously, just look!!!!

25. Ace Lake- Fairly close to home and my kids would have a blast :)

26. Grand Tentons- Why would you NOT want to visit?

27. Silver Dollar City- Among many other Branson attractions!!!!

28. Hocking Hills State Park- Another area fairly close to home yet I've never visited! Definitely want to see it!

29. Pocono Mountains- As you can tell from this post, I'm a nature lover so the Pocono Mountains is an obvious choice for me!

30. Beale Street- Would love to visit here with the Hubby just to see what all the hype is about!

31. Alaska- Everything about it excites me. I'd need at least a full week to explore!!!!!

32. Sleeping Bear Dunes- YES PLEASE!!!!

33. Zion National Park- AMAZING!!!

34. Arches National Park- Just look how awesome that is. I'm dying!!!

35. White Sands National Park- White Sand, need I say more?

36. Mojave Desert- Because I've never actually been to a desert

37. Lake Tahoe- This would be a perfect family getaway

38. Big Sur- I could sit there and absorb the scenery forever I'm sure :)

37. Portland Oregon- There is just something about Portland that draws me to it. I think I'd love to live there!

38. Congaree National Park- Look how peaceful this place looks!!!!

39. Dry Tortugas National Park- Oh my word- amazing!!!!

40. Navy Pier- How fun does this place look?

41.  New Mexico- It just seems like such an interesting place to me!

42. Cummins Falls- I actually ran across this place online not too long ago and I so want to visit!

43. Sliding Rock- I WILL take my kids here one day. How awesome is that?

44. The Wilds- My kids would love this amazing experience!!!!

45. Seneca Rocks- I cannot imagine this in person. It would have to be way cool :)

46. Lancaster PA- The Amish lifestyle has always been so interesting to me

47. Put in Bay and Kelly's Island- A friend of mine visited and said it was so relaxing and fun!

48. Inner Harbor- Always felt like this would be a great family friendly getaway

49. Hollywood- Because everyone needs a photo in front of the Hollywood Sign!!!!

50. Busch Gardens- Another place I'd love to visit with the kiddos!!!!

There ya have it- 50 places I wanna see. Trust me, I could add another few hundred to this list :)

Tomorrow's List: 50 Things I've Done

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  1. OK you want to visit the Pocono Mountains which is 3 hours from me (I was there just last month) and Lancaster County which is 1 1/2 hours from me (where I spent my honeymoon and where I go at least 6 times a year). So if you do, you MUST come to Philadelphia. Meet me and I'll show you the historic sites. It is so cool to live here!

    I've been to about 10 of your wish list areas.