Tuesday, June 21, 2016

List 21/30- Things I Don't Understand

Things I Don't Understand

1. How one day my children can love each other and be best friends and the next they fight like cats and dogs

2. Why people pick and choose what they want to condemn others for but never seem to see their own flaws

3. Why education is so dang expensive

4. Why anyone needs weapons of mass destruction besides our military

5. Why our county fights "going wet" when every single county around us is wet

6. How people are so quick to point fingers at parents when tragedies occur.

7. Why people take all their personal problems to facebook

8. Why insurance doesn't cover birth control pills but will cover labor and delivery costs

9. Why seeing a doctor, having a procedure or going to the ER costs an arm and a leg

10. How single parent's making minimum wage don't qualify for food stamps

11. Why fruits and vegetables are as expensive as junk food

12. Why you can buy energy drinks on food stamps

13. Why in a time when most people are broke, homes are going for hundreds of thousands of dollars

14. How a window unit cools my house better than a central unit

15. How anyone isn't terrified of mice...ugh!

16. Why anyone thinks jumping out of a moving plane with a parachute is a good idea

17. Where all our dirty laundry comes from

18. How our school system can't afford text books for our students

19. Why people are shocked that they are seeing alligators in Florida

20. Why our dog's flea treatment doesn't seem to be working

21. How Axle gets so many darn bruises

22. Why I'm scared of storms- it's an irrational fear

23. Why my husband can't be as optimistic as me- then again why can't everyone be as optimistic as me

24. Why little kids get cancer and other terminal illnesses

25. Why my hair is turning grey so quickly- I guess I got my Granny to thank for it

26. How anyone could be mean to a child or their parent's

27. Why my shoulder hurts all the time when they say their is nothing wrong with it

28. Why I didn't go to college

29. How anyone could eat meat from a can- gag

30. Why I can't sleep at night but boy can I sleep all day

31. Why good razors cost a fortune

32. How anyone could find the time to raise kids and still keep themselves so put together all the time

33. How my husband could possibly eat so much salt on his food

34. Why they make shorts so short these days. Not all of us have teenage bodies

35. Why I hate Winter so bad but I really do :(

36. How it's possible that my oldest child is almost 18 years old

37. Why more people can't just be kind

38. Why it cost me extra money to pay my electric bill over the phone or online

39. How anyone couldn't think nature is beautiful

40. Why Annalee is so loud

41. How I have a gazillion clothes and nothing to wear

42. Why digital cameras don't hold up as well as regular cameras

43. Why we have to pay a water bill when the water quality is so bad we can't drink it

44. Why our dogs bark at every little noise yet their too lazy to get up and see what it is

45. Why common sense isn't so common these days

46. Why the cartoon channels show bad shows late at night...it's a kids channel for pete sake

47. Why the cost of going to Disney is equal to buying a used car

48. How my kids eat condiment sandwiches- you know ketchup, mustard, etc

49. How my refrigerator gets so dirty. It's like the groceries have a party when the door is shut

50. How my kids could possibly be bored with all the millions of toys they have!

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