Monday, June 20, 2016

List 20/30- Things about my Husband

About my Husband

1. We went to school together. He's just a year older than me but I don't think we ever spoke

2. We got married in 1999- almost 18 years ago

3. He's a coal miner and has been his entire adult life

4. He is a spitting image of his daddy 

5. He has 3 brothers but only really keeps in touch with one of them

6. He is going to be bald when he gets older. He's almost there now

7. He lived in Alabama right after High School but moved back to marry me

8. He is tall and skinny but eats like a pig

9. He is a trader and is constantly buying, selling or trading something

10. He actually works as an underground boss right now. He got his bossing papers several years ago

11. He's worked for the same company for around 15 year and he NEVER misses work

12. He loves 4-wheeling and being in the hills

13. He also loves the lake and boating

14. He can literally fall asleep in 5 minutes. It drives me crazy

15. He spends most of his time out tinkering in his garage

16. He loves to work on vehicles and is pretty good at it

17. He is a creature of habit unlike me

18. He doesn't talk to his parents and hasn't in years

19. He never traveled till we got married and now he loves it almost as much as I do

20. He talks on the phone more than I do

21. My driving kills him and he gripes about it every time we go somewhere

22. He thinks money grows on trees and spends it like no other but gripes when we are broke

23. He has more vehicles in a year than most people have in a lifetime

24. He's a beer drinker, always has been

25. He chews which is gross in my opinion but he'd probably say the same about my smoking

26. He is a sucker when it comes to our kids and gives in to most anything they want

27. He drinks one cup of coffee a day and it has to come from the gas station

28. He's an energy drink guy and I complain about it all the time

29. He's very strange about what he eats. Mashed potatoes with lumps is evil to him

30. He loves being outside even in the winter

31. He is very particular about how our grass is cut so he won't hire anyone to do it

32. He loves to start projects. Demolition is his favorite part. Finishing projects he's not so good at

33. He goes to church on special occasions to keep me happy

34. He's so stubborn and I'm not even kidding

35. He used to dirt track race and it scared me to death

36. He hates how unorganized I am

37. He loves Hot Dogs and would eat them everyday if I would fix them

38. His favorite store is Advanced Auto- we should get a frequent shoppers discount

39. He's terrified of snakes

40. He has one tattoo and I have one that matches it

41. He loves big dogs and I love no dogs

42. We are as different as night and day but somehow it works most of the time

43. He's not a romantic but he tries to make sure I'm always happy

44. He rarely gets sick and hardly ever goes to a doctor

45. He loves action movies

46. He watches American Pickers, Storage Wars and those kind of shows

47. He will do anything I ask him when it comes to helping my parents

48. He comes up with money when I seriously think there is no money to come up with

49. He wears his work boots everywhere unless I insist he wears good shoes

50. He is a T-Shirt and Jeans kind of guy. Nothing fancy about him!

Tomorrow's List:
50 Things I just don't Understand!!!

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